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How Copilot Accelerates Your Viva Experience

Microsoft Viva, an employee experience platform, unites essential tools and applications to keep employees informed, aligned, and equipped with the right knowledge and skills. It continually measures and enhances workforce engagement, productivity, and performance across all levels.

Microsoft introduced Microsoft Copilot enhanced with Viva – an AI-powered assistance for the employee experience. This integration aims to revolutionize how Copilot enhances employee self-service, working seamlessly across Viva data, insights, and applications. The goal is to guide employees, empower managers, and assist HR and business leaders in creating high-performance organizations.

For customers utilizing Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva, the advantage lies in interfacing with a unified natural language conversational interface within their daily productivity tools. This feature allows users to prompt Copilot to access data and intelligence from Viva, supporting various employee experience needs or initiatives. Whether understanding team health, setting OKRs, or upskilling for career growth, Copilot within Viva simplifies and enhances the employee experience.

Imagine an AI companion seamlessly integrated into every aspect of your Viva experience, guiding your company toward a future of empowered and engaged teams. Copilot transcends being just a tool; it’s a guiding force ready to elevate your staff from passive participation to active empowerment, driving your business to unparalleled heights.

Recently, Microsoft also unveiled the Copilot Dashboard, powered by Viva, at Ignite to support Copilot users throughout their transformation journey: measurement, readiness, and adoption. Currently, in preview, this dashboard offers early warnings about Copilot’s impact on productivity and analyzing meetings, chats, emails, and documents. It also assesses the number of employees qualified and prepared to benefit from Copilot based on Microsoft 365 app usage. The goal is to provide a comprehensive tool for organizations to gauge and optimize the influence of Copilot on their productivity landscape.

Let’s take a closer look at how Copilot revolutionizes your Viva journey across crucial domains, turning the mundane into the extraordinary:

Igniting Engaging Conversations – Copilot in Viva Engage:

Viva Engage takes center stage as Copilot infuses its AI magic. No more wrestling with writer’s block; Copilot crafts compelling posts based on real-time employee sentiment and trending topics. The result? Meaningful conversations boost morale and weave a tightly connected team culture, fostering open communication and collaboration.


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Championing OKRs with Ease–Copilot in Viva Goals:

Goal-setting receives a major upgrade with Copilot in Viva Goals. This AI powerhouse generates intelligent OKR suggestions, refines existing goals with conversational AI, and meticulously tracks progress. Say goodbye to generic goal templates; Copilot tailors your OKR journey, providing a roadmap for individual and collective success.

Empowering Personalized Learning – Copilot in Viva Learning:

View the Video About CoPilot Personalized Learning

Skills gaps become a thing of the past as Copilot curates personalized learning journeys within Viva Learning. Bite-sized knowledge nuggets keep everyone equipped to excel. Forget one-size-fits-all training; Copilot fuels personalized growth, ensuring your team stays ahead of the curve and embraces lifelong learning.

Data-Driven Insights at Your Fingertips – Copilot in Viva Insights:

View the Video of Data Insights

Leaders rejoice! Viva Insights transforms into your personal data whisperer, thanks to Copilot. Ask natural language questions and receive instant, customized reports. Copilot empowers you to make informed decisions, instantly understand team morale, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate successes.

Copilot in Viva Glint:

Video about Viva Glint

Copilot in Viva Glint enables leaders to summarize and analyze thousands of employee comments from employee engagement surveys and provides a fresh way to explore feedback by asking questions through natural language. This version will be available for private preview in January 2024.

But the magic of Copilot extends beyond individual functions, weaving AI into the very fabric of the Viva experience, unlocking a cascade of transformative organizational benefits like:
Soaring Employee Engagement: Copilot fosters a 360-degree approach to talent, leading to a happier, more efficient, and cohesive team. Engagement metrics skyrocket as employees feel valued, empowered, and connected, setting the stage for a workplace where everyone thrives.
Turbocharged Productivity: Data-driven decision-making has never been more accessible with Copilot’s personalized insights. Streamlined workflows, optimized processes, and overall enhanced performance become the norm. Imagine a workplace where tasks flow seamlessly, deadlines are met effortlessly, and innovation thrives—a testament to the power of Copilot-driven productivity.
Seamless Collaboration: Break down silos and foster teamwork with Copilot’s intuitive collaboration features. Teams seamlessly share knowledge, brainstorm ideas, and work together, unlocking the power of collective intelligence. Imagine a workplace where information flows freely, teams operate as one, and creativity thrives—Copilot makes it a reality.
Business Success Unleashed: From improved customer satisfaction to increased revenue, Copilot empowers you to reach your organizational goals faster and more efficiently. The vision of surpassing expectations, exceeding customer satisfaction, and achieving your business goals becomes tangible, with Copilot fueling your journey to unparalleled success.

So, are you ready to embark on your Copilot-powered adventure? Here’s your launchpad to success:

Explore the Features: Dive deep into Copilot’s capabilities across Engage, Goals, Learning, and Insights. Discover how each feature tailors your Viva experience and empowers your team.

Embrace AI Insights: Don’t just collect data—harness its power! Copilot’s AI-powered insights are your roadmap to better decisions, happier employees, and a more effective organization.

Unify Your Tools: Integrate Copilot seamlessly with your existing workflow for maximum impact and employee adoption. Make the transition to an AI-powered employee experience convenient and experience the benefits of a unified, data-driven work environment.

Monitor and Adapt: The beauty of AI lies in its continuous learning. Track your Copilot performance and adapt your strategy as needed to optimize results. Embrace a culture of continuous improvement and witness your Copilot-powered success story unfold.

With Copilot as its AI-powered heart, Microsoft Viva is more than just a platform—it’s a complete revolution in employee experience. It’s about empowering your workforce to thrive, fostering engagement that fuels innovation, and driving business success beyond your wildest dreams. So, are you ready to let Copilot chart the course to your company’s new frontier? The journey awaits.


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