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Unleash Your Data Insights with Amazon Managed Grafana: The Ultimate Analytics Service

Introduction to Amazon Managed Grafana

Customers can immediately query, correlate, and visualize operational metrics, logs, and traces from various data sources using Amazon Managed Grafana, a fully managed and secure data visualization service. Based on the open-source Grafana framework, it offers customers rich, interactive data visualizations to assist in metrics analysis, monitoring, and alarming across various data sources.

To provide real-time insights into the operation of your application, Amazon Managed Grafana integrates with various data sources, including Amazon CloudWatch logs and metrics, AWS X-Ray traces, and other data sources.

You can either use the drag-and-drop interface to build new dashboards from inception or choose from a selection of pre-built dashboards that can be modified to suit your unique requirements. Using Amazon Managed Grafana, you can also create notifications.

Features of AWS Grafana

  1. Amazon Managed Grafana gives customers several advantages. First, it gives users access to a unified observability tool that allows them to track and view metrics, logs, and traces from various data sources, including Graphite, Influx DB, Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, and others. It is now simpler for operations teams and developers to work together on monitoring and troubleshooting their apps.
  2. Managed by Amazon, Grafana offers one dashboard for numerous individuals. The implication is that multiple teams can access the same dashboard and observe the same metrics without making unique dashboards for every team. This fosters better teamwork and lessens effort redundancy.
  3. Amazon Managed Grafana is user-friendly. With the help of the drag-and-drop interface, you can either modify the pre-built dashboards included to suit your unique requirements or start from scratch and build new dashboards. Operations teams and developers can work together easily to monitor and troubleshoot their apps.
  4. It is quite scalable to use Amazon Managed Grafana. Without experiencing any performance concerns, it can manage massive amounts of data. It is therefore, appropriate for enterprises of all sizes.
  5. Native integration between Amazon Managed Grafana and AWS services, including Amazon CloudWatch logs and metrics, AWS X-Ray traces, and other data sources.

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Open-Source Grafana Vs AWS Managed Grafana

Amazon Managed Grafana is a fully managed service based on open-source Grafana that makes it easier to visualize and analyze your operational data at scale.

The main difference between Amazon Managed Grafana and the open-source version of Grafana is that Amazon Managed Grafana is a fully managed service provided by AWS, which means that AWS takes care of the infrastructure, maintenance, and security of the service. On the other hand, the open-source version of Grafana requires you to set up and manage your infrastructure

In terms of pricing, Open Source Grafana is entirely free, and Aws Managed Grafana offers a generous free plan then pay-as-you-go pricing.

AWS Managed Grafana gives SLA of 99.5%, but SLA is not included in open-source Grafana.

Amazon Managed Grafana vs. Amazon QuickSight

The data visualization services provided by Amazon Managed Grafana and Amazon QuickSight have some significant distinctions. With the help of Amazon Managed Grafana, users may more easily visualize and analyze their operational data at scale. This completely managed service is based on the open-source Grafana tool. On the other side, customers can construct and publish interactive dashboards using Amazon QuickSight, a business intelligence tool powered by the cloud. Both services let users build dashboards. However, Amazon Managed Grafana focuses more on tracking operational metrics, logs, and traces from various sources, while QuickSight focuses more on business intelligence and analytics. Grafana has a bigger market share in the Data Visualization category than QuickSight, with 4.03% as opposed to 0.51%, according to market share data.

Integration with AWS services

Many AWS data sources, including Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon OpenSearch Service, AWS X-Ray, and others, are connected with Amazon Managed Grafana to gather operational data. It also works with AWS security services to satisfy corporate security and compliance requirements. Using Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon RDS for MySQL, and other third-party services, Amazon Managed Grafana can be configured for use. Additionally, it integrates with AWS Organizations to discover the AWS accounts and resources in your Organizational Units using AWS CloudFormation. It cooperates with AWS IAM Identity Center to regulate access to data sources and permissions (successor to AWS Single Sign-On).


Amazon managed Grafana is a well-known analytics service that enables users to query, analyze, and receive alerts on metrics from numerous sources. It can monitor hybrid environments by pulling up metrics that make sense of the massive amount of data and monitoring apps.

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1. Can Non-AWS data sources be integrated with Amazon Managed Grafana?

ANS: – Yes, Non-AWS data sources can be integrated with Amazon Managed Grafana.

2. Is there any additional cost for connecting to non-AWS data sources in Amazon Managed?

ANS: – Depending on the particular non-AWS data source being utilized, there can be extra fees for connecting to it in Amazon Managed Grafana. Users could be required to pay licensing fees or use costs if they use a third-party data source like Influx DB.

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