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The Power of Interactive Advertising with Amazon IVS


With its fully managed live streaming solution, Amazon IVS, video transmission is made simple, allowing developers to concentrate on creating engaging, interactive content. Amazon IVS, introduced by Amazon Web Services (AWS), allows content producers, broadcasters, and developers to offer high-quality live video at any size by utilizing the strength and scalability of the cloud.


In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, businesses constantly seek innovative ways to captivate their audiences. One such groundbreaking solution is Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS), a game-changer that elevates the interactive advertising experience to new heights. In this blog, we’ll explore the dynamic world of interactive advertising with Amazon IVS and how it can reshape how brands connect with their audience.

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The Rise of Interactive Advertising

Customers request more personalized and interesting content; therefore, traditional advertising approaches are losing effectiveness. Here comes interactive advertising, a clever tactic that turns viewers from passive viewers into participants. With its seamless integration of interactive components into live video feeds, Amazon IVS elevates this notion to a new level.

Amazon IVS Essentials

Let’s look at the fundamentals of Amazon IVS before exploring the interactive features. This completely managed live streaming service enables companies to provide low latency and high-quality video material. Amazon IVS offers a dependable platform for in-the-moment interaction, whether for live events, product launches, or interactive Q&A sessions.

Real-Time Interactivity

Real-time engagement within live video streaming distinguishes Amazon IVS. With the help of tools like surveys, quizzes, live chat, and viewer feedback, marketers can now engage with their audience in ways that were not possible in the past. In addition to promoting a feeling of community, this two-way communication gives marketers important information about the preferences of their target audience.

Gamification for Enhanced Engagement

Interactive advertising can be made much more engaging for viewers by adding a gamification component. Brands can easily incorporate challenges, awards, and interactive games into their live video content by utilizing Amazon IVS. This keeps the audience engaged and produces experiences that are memorable and stick in their minds.

Monetization Opportunities

Various monetization possibilities are available through Amazon IVS for businesses who want to make money from their interactive content. Brands may make money while providing a distinctive and interesting viewing experience through pay-per-view models, subscription services, or ad placements. It also creates new opportunities for ROI in the field of interactive advertising.

Seamless Integration with AWS

Complementing other Amazon Web Services (AWS) with ease, Amazon IVS offers a strong infrastructure for content transport, storage, and analysis. Scalability, security, and dependability are all guaranteed by this integration, which makes it the perfect choice for companies of all sizes.

Architecture diagram and example

In this example, two sample product labels are created using Amazon Rekognition Customer Labels. Start the live broadcast to Amazon IVS (using software like OBS), which we have set up to upload a thumbnail image to Amazon S3 every five seconds. Every image stored on Amazon S3 is utilized to launch an AWS Lambda function that analyzes the image using a custom Amazon Rekognition model. The Amazon IVS put_metadata API will be used by the AWS Lambda function to display the product’s Qr-code, description, image, and other details if one of the two product logos is visible in the picture. To prevent an obtrusive intermittent effect for the viewer, the same function will now launch an AWS Step Function that checks the clearing of the message after two minutes (adjustable) and the inability to add further messages for ten minutes (configurable).



Amazon IVS is a doorway to a new era of interactive advertising, not merely a live streaming service.

Brands can remain ahead of digital marketing trends and build closer relationships with their audience by adopting gamification, real-time involvement, and monetization options. Amazon IVS is a beacon leading business toward more immersive and engaging experiences as we navigate the future of advertising.

Drop a query if you have any questions regarding Amazon IVS and we will get back to you quickly.

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1. How does Amazon IVS ensure low-latency streaming?

ANS: – Amazon IVS optimizes the video delivery process to achieve extremely low latency. Because it reduces the time lag between the broadcaster and the audience, it works well in situations where real-time communication is essential, including live auctions and gaming.

2. What are the key features of Amazon IVS?

ANS: – Real-time analytics, ultra-low latency streaming, improved security features, interactive feature integration with Amazon Chime SDK, worldwide reach with AWS worldwide Accelerator, and more are just a few benefits Amazon IVS offers.

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