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What are the Latest Updates on Cloud Application Delivery Progress?

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Cloud as a service provider hosts a variety of easy-to-use and intuitive services that are agile, secure, infrastructure autoscaling, highly available and fault tolerant. But still, organizations worldwide are yet to reap the benefits of cloud computing. In this view, senior technology decision-makers of various organizations were surveyed about their experiences in using the cloud to deliver their applications as well as to check how digital resiliency can be achieved by organizations in meeting business demands. The survey was conducted by A10 Networks in collaboration with Gatepoint Research. Further, examining the results of the survey, Amr Alashaal, Regional Vice President, Middle East at A10 Networks, has arrived at reasons why companies are yet to adopt cloud services. It is astonishing to see the fact that only 34% of companies are highly satisfied with their application delivery controller (ADC) solution. The key findings of the survey are as follows:

Importance of Hybrid and Multi-cloud Platform for Application Delivery

Application reliability, high performance to meet customer requirements seamlessly, security and agility in innovation to be on par with fast-moving markets are the key to the success of any business. Organizations have realised that these are the key benefits of migrating to the cloud and are using hybrid cloud and multi-cloud platforms for deploying their applications. As per the abovementioned survey, most respondents continue to deploy applications on-premises43% use private clouds, and 85% use different public cloud platforms. 

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How Underperforming ADCs Undermine the Promise of the Cloud

When organizations decide to migrate to the cloud, they expect Global server load balancing that takes care of disaster recovery to ensure availability across multiple data centres in the cloud by optimizing traffic. Security is another inevitable feature expected of the cloud. These requirements are not entirely met by legacy application delivery solutions at present. Survey respondents have expressed their difficulties in deploying applications with legacy application delivery technology. Over a quarter of them have experienced slow performance and application downtime. Onethird of them are facing challenges due to application security threats. More than 20 per cent have found difficulties in visualization and reporting tasks. So, it’s the need of the hour for these organizations to modernize their application delivery by reaping the benefits of using multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructures. 

Hybrid Cloud and Multi-cloud App Delivery Agenda

Cloud services that take care of automatic infrastructure setup and automatic deployments by understanding the requirements of an application must be greatly utilized by organizations to bridge the gap between manual application delivery solutions and continuously growing modern requirements. Survey respondents have realised that operational efficiency can be achieved using hybrid cloud automation, management, troubleshooting, security and analytics capabilities.

Ensuring Digital Resiliency for Better Business Performance

Companies expect ROI maximization by delivering outstanding experiences to satisfy customers and retain them. In this regard, companies evaluate the existing ADCs to achieve better application performance. 

A slow realization of the need for a modern application delivery approach that would help organizations in right-size investments by enabling more automated and efficient management, avoiding security breaches, providing agile options and leveraging the advanced services has certainly awakened the need for cloud migration by organizations. 

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1. What are the 3 methods of application delivery?

ANS: – The three popular application delivery methods are: VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure)/RDS (remote desktop services), FAT Install. and Application Virtualization.

2. What is Application Delivery Controller in cloud computing?

ANS: – An application delivery controller or ADC is a network component that ensures how client machines connect to web and enterprise application servers.


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