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AZ 720 Study Guide: Troubleshooting Microsoft Azure Connectivity

Microsoft Certifications help to prove your expertise and move up the career ladder. If you are contemplating taking up Microsoft AZ-720 Azure Support Engineer for Connectivity Specialty. Certification exams soon? This study guide helps you how to prepare and pass this exam successfully. 


1. Introduction
2. Microsoft AZ 720 Exam Preparation
3. Target Audience for Taking up the AZ 720 Certification Exam
4. AZ 720 Certification Exam: The Prerequisites
5. AZ 720 Azure Training: Skills Measured in This Exam
6. Microsoft Learn – Study Resources for AZ 720 Azure Training
7. The Schedule of AZ 720 Certification Exam
8. About CloudThat


Microsoft fosters continuous learning through its programs. By taking up Microsoft certifications, you can prove your expertise to employers and peers and get better recognition and opportunities in the technology space.   

In quick succession to AZ-700 Designing and Implementing, Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions Microsoft has announced AZ 720 certification exam, a new specialty certification exam for troubleshooting Microsoft Azure Connectivity which expands Azure training and certification portfolio. 

Microsoft AZ 720 Exam Preparation

While I am also preparing to take the Microsoft AZ 720 Exam, I would like to share how to prepare and clear this examination with ease.  

I rely on a handful of online resources, namely Microsoft Docs, Microsoft Learn, and Training Labs. Importantly this exam is currently available in the Beta phase and soon will be released as a regular certification after validating the exam questions and pattern. 

Target Audience for Taking up the AZ 720 Certification Exam

This Specialty- Azure Support Engineer for Connectivity certification aims at enabling support engineers having subject matter expertise (SME) in advanced troubleshooting methods for resolving networking and connectivity challenges in Azure.  

By gaining proficiency in this role, troubleshoot hybrid environments, handle Azure virtual machines and virtual networks, and connect on-premises and Azure services. Also, it helps to learn various tools and technologies needed to diagnose the reasons underlying complex network issues. Moreover, to prepare rigorously for AZ 720 certification exam, one should have gained experience in networking and hybrid environments. One should know how to route, assign permissions, and set account limits.  

Importantly, the ability to diagnose Business Continuity, Hybrid Environments, Infrastructure as a service (IAAS), Platform as a service (PAAS), Access Control, Networking, and Virtual Machine connectivity issues is mandatory.  

It is highly recommended to have Azure Networking skills to prepare for the AZ 720 Certification Exam. 

AZ 720 Certification Exam: The Prerequisites

Diligent support engineers have the energy and expertise to resolve, and they collaborate with technical specialists to carry out case reviews, troubleshoot, and accomplish effective customer interaction. Therefore, as a prerequisite to taking the AZ 720 Certification Exam, familiarity with the following aspects is expected:   

AZ 720 Azure Training: Skills Measured in This Exam

The AZ 720 azure training for taking up this exam enables you to cultivate the ability to accomplish the technical topics listed below on the latest update on Microsoft Learning  

Also, I have included a direct link to Microsoft documentation so you can read more about each objective of this Azure troubleshooting course certification   

Here are the complete details of the AZ-720 exams skills measured.

Microsoft Learn – Study Resources for AZ 720 Azure Training

For Azure AZ 720 certification training, I use the new Microsoft Learn, a great resource that provides self-paced skills training on various Azure connectivity topics. In addition, I highly recommend checking the following eight modules from the AZ-700 Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions:  

1) Introduction to Azure virtual networks.  

2) Design and implement hybrid networking.  

3) Design and implement Azure ExpressRoute.  

4) Load balance non-HTTP(S) traffic in Azure.  

5) Load balance HTTP(S) traffic in Azure.  

6) Design and implement network security.  

7) Design and implement private access to Azure Services.  

8) Design and implement network monitoring. 

The Schedule of AZ 720 Certification Exam

Microsoft launched the AZ-720 certification exam in beta mode at the end of March 2022. Once you are ready with all necessary preparation, click Schedule exam here and take it in online mode from the comfort of your home/office with proctor supervision.

About CloudThat

CloudThat is a pioneer in Cloud Training and Consultancy Services provider. For over a decade, CloudThat has been offering world-class training and enabled 500K+ professionals on leading technologies like cloud, virtualization, DevOps, AI/ML, Big Data, and more in India and across the globe.  

You get all the required guidance and training for AZ 720 azure training from our Microsoft Certified Trainers and can crack this certification exam with confidence. 

 If you are planning to take the Microsoft AZ 720 exam course… I wish you all the best and Happy Learning!!!

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