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Securing your cloud with Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)


A Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a security solution that assists enterprises in securing their cloud-based applications and services.

By serving as another go for customers and cloud service providers, CASBs allow businesses to monitor and manage access to cloud resources and data, enforce security guidelines, and recognize and deal with security concerns.

What is CASB?

A cloud access security broker (CASB) is a gatekeeper between cloud network users and cloud-based applications.


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Pillars of CASB

Four pillars or operations make up CASB solutions, which maintain the security of an organization’s cloud services:


Whoever uses the cloud service and how it is being used are two of the most crucial factors from an IT standpoint. Many cloud service providers are deficient in logging and auditing features. They offer a meager amount of assistance. CASBs circumvent these constraints by bringing data points concerning Shadow IT. It can identify anomalous access to unapproved applications within an enterprise and issue the proper alerts. It is also feasible to identify unusual access patterns to permitted apps.

For example, when a user is accessing the authorized application Office 365 at 1:00 PM from India and then logging in again at 5:00 PM from California. The CASB will not only issue a but also blocks access from California.

Another situation occurs when a user tries to upload files to an unauthorized program like Dropbox. Since OneDrive is the approved app for storage inside the organization, access to other cloud service providers like OneDrive, Box, or AWS will be viewed as anomalous behavior, and the relevant warning will be triggered.


Today’s businesses have a wide variety of cloud vendor options and will probably employ many vendors for various solutions. Whether they outsource or handle their data in-house, organizations are still responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance regarding privacy and security. Cloud access security brokers can help with cloud compliance by addressing rules like HIPAA and regulatory standards like ISO 27001 and PCI DSS. A CASB solution may identify the most dangerous areas in terms of compliance and guide the security team to where they should focus their efforts to correct them.

Data Security:

A CASB safeguards both the data and the data’s mobility. As cloud usage expands and data loss prevention (DLP) measures are deployed, organizations must guarantee that sensitive data is secured. On-premises DLP systems are effective at data security but cannot safeguard data on the cloud.

Threat protection:

CASBs can discover suspicious behavior and spot harmful operations by gathering and interpreting regular use patterns. Adaptive access control, malware mitigation, and other capabilities aid in the protection of the company from external and internal threats. CASB threat defense protects against all current threats, purposeful or unintentional.

Functioning of CASB

CASB adopted a three-step procedure to provide visibility across sanctioned and unauthorized apps and management over company data in the cloud.

  • Discovery

The CASB lists all active cloud applications and associated personnel.

  • Classification

Each application is evaluated by the CASB, which also analyses its data and determines a risk factor.

  • Remediation

Based on the enterprise’s security requirements, CASB develops a custom policy. The CASB then recognizes and addresses any incoming threats or violations.


A CASB is important for Enterprise organizations. It serves as a gatekeeper for enterprises, assisting them in keeping track of and safely utilizing cloud services while ensuring network traffic confirms their security guidelines and standards.

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1. What are the 3 deployment models of cloud access security broker?

ANS: – There are three different CASB deployment models to consider: API-Control, Reverse Proxy, and Forward Proxy.

2. What is included in a cloud access security broker?

ANS: – CASB offers a full picture of all cloud-based applications. Assess general security, regulatory compliance, and legal factors for any cloud-based app your enterprise uses.

3. Which CASB is best?

ANS: – The Top Cloud Access Security Brokers include Microsoft Cloud App Security can be integrated with AWS, GCP |Bitglass CASB | Lookout (Cipher Cloud) | Cisco Cloudlock | Forcepoint CASB | McAfee Enterprise | | Netskope Cloud Security Platform | Proofpoint CASB | Broadcom Symantec CloudSOC | Trend Micro Cloud App Security.

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