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How to enable IAM Access Analyzer?

In my previous blog, titled ‘What is IAM Access Analyzer, I have introduced the IAM Access Analyzer and focused mainly on why we should use it and its benefits. In this article, I will explain ‘How to use the Access Analyzer in IAM‘.

  1. Go to AWS Console, and select IAM Service
    How to enable IAM Access Analyzer
  2. Select Access Analyzer under Access reports on the left panel
    How to enable IAM Access Analyzer
  3. Click Create Analyzer
    How to enable IAM Access Analyzer
  4. Specify a Name of your analyser and click Create Analyzer
    How to enable IAM Access Analyzer
  5. Select All to view all the external principals that are attached to your AWS account
    How to enable IAM Access Analyzer
  6. When you click any Finding ID you can see the complete information about that principal along with the permissions that are granted to that principal

This lab will explain you how to use Access Analyzer in IAM, if you want to learn more about Identity and Access Management (IAM) on AWS, kindly register for AWS Solution Architect Associate or AWS Security Speciality Training with CloudThat Technologies.

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