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Signature Detection Made Simple with Amazon Textract

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Amazon Textract is a powerful machine learning service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables customers to extract text and data from scanned documents. Recently, Amazon Textract has launched the ability to detect signatures on any document. This new feature is a significant enhancement to the service, as it enables businesses and organizations to automate the detection and verification of signatures on various documents, such as contracts, legal agreements, and financial statements.

The process of detecting signatures on a document using Amazon Textract is relatively straightforward. Customers can upload their documents to the service, and Textract will automatically identify and extract any signature images contained within the document. The service can also distinguish between handwritten and electronic signatures, making it a versatile solution for businesses and organizations that process various document types.

Signature detection using Amazon Textract can be used standalone. It will return both signatures and standard text detection results or be combined with other structured data extraction types such as forms, tables, and queries. Using forms and tables allows the signature to be detected as part of the key value pair or within the table cell.

Using Amazon Textract, we can find the location of the signature in a text document indicated by a geometrical object with boundary boxes. Through this, we can be certain that the signature is present in the document.

Benefits of Signature Detection using Amazon Textract

One of the key benefits of using Amazon Textract to detect signatures on documents is its accuracy. The service uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze the signature images and extract the relevant data, ensuring the results are highly accurate and reliable. This can help improve the efficiency and speed of document processing workflows, reducing the risk of errors and inaccuracies.

Another benefit of using Amazon Textract to detect document signatures is its scalability. The service is designed to handle large volumes of documents and can scale up or down as needed to accommodate changing workloads. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses and organizations that need to process large volumes of documents regularly but may not have the resources to maintain their OCR infrastructure.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Go to Amazon Textract console:

Step 2 – Select check as document type, and we can see that Amazon Textract extracts all the text from the check. It also detects the signature on the check, which is highlighted below:


We can download the result and analyze it. The downloaded result will contain two excels, one of which is of summary like below:


Another will be extraction as below:


Uses of Amazon Textract

Amazon Textract can identify handwritten signatures, e-signatures, and initials on various documents, including checks, claim forms, loan application forms, and more. With AnalyzeDocument Signatures, customers can construct scalable document processing systems while saving money, time, and human reviewer requirements.

The ability to detect signatures on documents using Amazon Textract is also highly customizable. Customers can specify which parts of the document they want the service to analyze and can configure the service to output the data in a variety of formats, including JSON, CSV, and plain text. This flexibility makes it easy for businesses and organizations to integrate the service with their existing document processing workflows and applications.

In addition to detecting document signatures, Amazon Textract can extract a wide range of other data types from scanned documents. This includes text, tables, and forms, making it a versatile solution for businesses and organizations that need to process various document types.

Challenges in Amazon Textract

One potential challenge with using Amazon Textract to detect signatures on documents is the need to ensure the security and privacy of sensitive data. Signatures on documents often contain personal and confidential information, and businesses and organizations must ensure that this data is kept secure and protected. Amazon Textract is designed to meet high security and compliance standards and provides various tools and features to help customers protect their sensitive data.


The ability to detect signatures on any document using Amazon Textract significantly enhances the service. It has the potential to revolutionize the way that businesses and organizations process and manage documents. With its high accuracy, scalability, and customization, Amazon Textract is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes and industries that need to process large volumes of documents regularly. Whether you are in the finance, legal, or healthcare industry or any other industry that relies on document processing workflows, Amazon Textract can help improve efficiency, accuracy, and security while reducing the time and resources required for manual review and verification.

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1. How does Amazon Textract detect signatures?

ANS: – Amazon Textract uses machine learning algorithms to detect and extract text, tables, and other data from documents. The new signature detection feature uses a combination of image recognition and natural language processing to identify signatures and associated metadata.

2. What types of documents can Amazon Textract detect signatures on?

ANS: – Amazon Textract can detect signatures on any type of document, including PDFs, scanned images, and other types of digital documents.

3. How can businesses use this new feature?

ANS: – Businesses can use Amazon Textract’s signature detection feature to automate identifying signatures on legal documents, contracts, and other important paperwork. This can save time and reduce errors associated with manual review and processing.

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