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Sample Questions for Microsoft Power Platform App Maker PL-100 Certification Exam

Hello Readers. Here are some sample questions for the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker PL-100 Certification Exam with an explanation at the end. A study guide to help you pass the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker PL-100 Certification Exam preparation is available to get you started.

Here goes the Quiz:

  1. You are building an application that stores the asset history given to each employee in your organization. All the assets have a barcode that needs to be scanned. For this purpose, where would find the barcode scanner component in the Power Apps Studio? Select one or more:
    a. Galleries
    b. Media
    c. Input Control
    d. Mixed Reality
  2. Your company requires a web app that allows customers to access the knowledge articles MS Dataverse content anonymously. What should be used for this purpose?  Select one:
    a. Power Apps
    b. Canvas Apps
    c. Model App
    d. Power App Portal
  3. What are the AI models available in Power Apps? Select one:
    a. Linear Regressions
    b. Decision trees
    c. Prediction
    d. Form Processor
  4. Microsoft Power Apps allows users of any technical level to improve the business processes. Evaluate the following statement:
    “Power Apps is a no-code/low-code platform that allows you to build apps with your business knowledge and existing skill.”
    Is this statement correct?

    a. No
    b. Yes
  5. Microsoft Power Apps allows users of any technical level to improve the business processes. Evaluate the following statement:
    “Power Apps helps you build 
    and deploy customized apps that work across only on the web but not on any other platform like mobile, embedded, or standalone, on any device.” Is this statement correct?
    a. Yes
    b. No
  6. Power app application uses a pattern to teach, to learn, and to make work easier and more accurate. The application built helps in activities like cost estimation, project estimation activities. What pattern is it using? Select One:
    a. Calculation/ transformation
    b. Communication/ announcement
    c. Inspection/ audits
    d. Approvals
  7. You are building an app for a restaurant. The application needs to capture employee details, their work schedules, and vacation plan. Where would you build this application?
    a. Power App Maker
    b. Model-driven app
    c. Power App studio
    d. Power App center
  8. You are building an application that has data being read from excel file and office 365, and data being written to the Dataverse. What type of application is it?
    a. Model-Driven Application
    b. Canvas Application 
    c. Portals
    d. Mobile application
  9. Microsoft Dataverse lets you store and manage data that are used by business applications. Evaluate the following statement:
    “Both the metadata and data are stored in the Cloud. You do not need to worry about the details of how they are stored.”
    Do you agree with the statement? Select one:
    a. Yes
    b. No
  10. Microsoft Dataverse lets you store and manage data that are used by business applications. Evaluate the following statement: Role-based security allows you to control access to entities for different users within your organization. Is this statement correct?
    a. Yes
    b. No
  11. Microsoft Dataverse lets you store and manage data that are used by business applications. Evaluate the following statement:
    “It supports Many-to-Many relationships.” Is this statement correct?
    a. Yes
    b. No

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Here are the correct answers:

  1. b & c
    Explanation: The Barcode scanner control can be found in the Media control list in the Power Apps Studio
  2. d.
    Explanation:Portals bring the power of no-code solutions to building externally facing websites. Through the Power Apps interface, you can build an anonymous or authenticated website that allows users to interact with data held in Dataverse 
  3. c & d
  4. b.
  5. b.
  6. a.
    Explanation: With the Microsoft Power Platform, you can easily create apps that are tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Although your needs might be unique, we see some common patterns among apps most often created by organizations to meet their most pressing needs. 
  7. c.
    Explanation: you build apps by configuring user interface (UI) elements and Excel-like formulas in the Power Apps studio
  8. b.
    Explanations: Canvas apps can interact with many data sources in a single application.  
  9. a. 
  10. a.
  11. b.
    Explanation for 9, 10 & 11: MS Dataverse supports the following types of relationships: One-Many, Many to One, and Many-to-Many.  

Also, more sample questions are coming up, so keep checking. Please share your feedback in the below comments section.

Check out the TestPrep material available for you.

Disclaimer: These questions are NOT appearing in the certification exam. I personally or CloudThat do not have any official tie-up with Microsoft regarding the certification or the kind of questions asked. These are my best guesses for the kind of questions to expect with Microsoft in general and with the examination.

Feel free to drop any questions in the comment box, I would love to address them. I hope you enjoyed the article. Best of luck!

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