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Ushering Business Revolution with Amazon Kendra

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Introduction to Amazon Kendra

Manager: “Find the year we started Project X and signed the vendor for it.”

Employee: * Spends the next 3 hours scouring files, and data *

Well, not anymore! Break the norm of employees spending hours on unproductive tasks! And AWS has just the solution.

Introducing Amazon Kendra! It is a highly accurate and easy to use enterprise search service powered by machine learning. Launched in 2019, Kendra aims to provide a simple yet powerful search experience across an organization’s internal data sources and content repositories.

At its core, Kendra ingests content from multiple siloed data sources like file shares, intranets, databases, and applications. It then uses natural language processing and other machine learning techniques to index the content, understand user context and intent, and deliver precise results to queries.

Unlike traditional keyword-based search, Amazon Kendra enables users to search in natural language as they would speak to another person. The service understands the relationships between words to provide more relevant results. Users can get started with pre-built, customizable search applications or build custom experiences using the API.

Kendra goes beyond basic search to provide features like personalized result ranking, question answering, and analysis of user behavior to continuously improve relevance. The goal is to enhance employee productivity by enabling users to quickly find the information they need across vast enterprise content.

Improving Employee Productivity

Kendra improves employee productivity by accessing your organization’s multiple internal applications and repositories through a central search service. This allows employees to quickly find documents, answers and data without having to dig through different systems.

Kendra connects data in wikis, document repositories, SharePoint, intranets, Salesforce and more. Employees can search across these different sources seamlessly, saving them the headache of navigating different platforms and interfaces.

With natural language queries, employees no longer have to use specific keywords or remember filenames to find information.

They can simply ask questions in plain language like “when was our sales contract with Company X signed?” The AI behind Kendra understands the intent and returns the right result.

Studies show knowledge workers can waste up to 20% of their time searching for information across siloed data sources. Kendra aims to eliminate these productivity drains by enabling enterprise search more intelligently.

Employees spend less time hunting for answers and can get back to more important work. The ability to quickly find and apply information ultimately allows organizations to reduce costs and speed up processes.

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Centralizing Disparate Data Sources 

Enterprise knowledge is often spread across multiple repositories and formats, including file shares, intranets, document management systems, collaboration applications, and databases.

This siloed data landscape makes it difficult for employees to find the information they need to do their jobs efficiently.

Valuable institutional knowledge can be overlooked if it’s buried in an obscure location or stored in an incompatible format.

Amazon Kendra helps enterprises consolidate their internal data into a unified index for easy discovery.

Kendra connects to data sources across an organization and uses machine learning to understand the content within.

This enables natural language search across the full breadth of an enterprise’s knowledge, not just a single system or data set.

Kendra can index over 90 different file formats natively, including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, HTML, and various image types.

It also integrates smoothly with popular SaaS applications like Confluence, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.

With a flexible API, Kendra can ingest content from virtually any repository or business system. This eliminates data silos and makes the entire wealth of an enterprise’s information readily discoverable through a single search box.

Employees no longer need to guess where knowledge might reside or hunt through various systems to find answers.

Kendra breaks down data barriers and connects the dots across all of an organization’s content. Unifying dispersed information sources enables more productive and empowered end users.

Enabling Voice Search 

With Amazon Kendra, enterprises can enable voice search by integrating with Alexa.

This allows employees to search company data and documents using natural voice commands. 

Hands-free voice search delivers convenience and productivity benefits across many use cases:

  • Customer service agents can access knowledge bases and customer records without having to type queries during calls. They can simply ask questions aloud and immediately get retrieved relevant documents.
  • Technicians conducting repairs can search for maintenance manuals by voice while keeping their hands free. Voice search allows them to quickly find the exact steps needed without breaking concentration.
  • In healthcare, doctors and nurses can search patient histories and drug databases vocally, promoting better focus on care. Their eyes and hands don’t need to leave patients to type on a device.
  • Voice search assists workers in hands-busy production environments, like factories and warehouses. They can request information as needed without interrupting physical tasks.
  • For field workers like inspectors and auditors, voice search enables queries on-site while examining equipment or taking notes. Their hands remain available for primary tasks. 

With Kendra’s voice integration capabilities, enterprises can unlock the next level of work efficiency.

Just by speaking, employees across an organization can find answers, decisions, and insights in the moment.

CloudThat: Your Partner for Rapid Deployment and Management 

To make your Amazon Kendra’s setup process easy and customizability, you can choose CloudThat, an advanced tier partner with AWS.

CloudThat’s consulting services are not only top-notch but also provide what the organization need the most- simple and seamless integration of their business with the platform.  

So companies like yours can focus on unlocking business insights rather than managing infrastructure!


Amazon Kendra is definitely every organization go-to tool!

With Kendra’s machine learning foundations, we can expect natural language processing to become even more intuitive over time.

New features like search analytics dashboards could provide insights into how employees search and ways to optimize the experience. 

More broadly, search technology will likely shift from keyword-based matching to semantic search that understands meaning and intent.

Voice search adoption should continue rising, especially as accuracy improves. And with augmented and virtual reality gaining steam, search could move beyond text to 3D visualized results.

As organizations collect and analyze ever more data, finding the right information at the right time becomes increasingly critical. Solutions like Kendra that can intelligently filter, classify, and connect that data have an exciting roadmap ahead.


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