We Help Companies Utilize Cloud Technologies

The team of certified cloud experts at CloudThat has helped companies build and run some of the most complex cloud deployments in the world. With experience in all major cloud technologies, they help you define your cloud strategy, build the solution, and successfully deliver it to its users via the Cloud. CloudThat. Move up.


With the flexibility Cloud technologies provide, it’s often a daunting task to determine what’s right for your business. CloudThat provides the skills and experience required to build a custom plan of attack to help you meet your business goals.


CloudThat delivers decades of experience building complex cloud systems on all major cloud platforms. With additional expertise and manpower to help you build your cloud solution, you can start leveraging the cloud economy today.


CloudThat works with your DevOps team to ensure that software is successfully delivered to its users via the Cloud and meets expectations around availability, performance, flexibility, and pace of change with minimal impact to users.

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