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AWS Two New AI Certifications: The Path to AI Excellence Got Easier

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Adoptions of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) across industries enabling creativity, automation, and efficiency. With current industry trends, professionals looking for career opportunities in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced two AWS certifications to help professionals prepare for certification exams and upskill in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Generative AI (GenAI). At the foundational level, AWS Certified AI Practitioner, and at the associate level, AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer-Associate certificates help people boost their careers in AI/ML.

AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer - Associate

AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer – Associate, is an associate-level certification, designed for people like Data scientists, MLOPs engineers, DevOps engineers, with at least one year of experience using Amazon SageMaker and other ML engineering AWS services.

  • Registration opens on August 13, 2024.
  • Certification cost: 75 USD
  • Duration: 170 Minutes

This certification validates the technical ability to build, train, and deploy ML solutions to the production environment and operationalize them. This exam covers different phases of the machine learning pipeline from data preparation, feature engineering, model training, and tuning, and model evaluation, to model deployment. It also considers security, performance efficiency, and cost optimization in implementing the ML pipeline.  Strengthen your profile and credibility by clearing this certification and position yourself for machine learning job roles.

Transform Your Career with AWS Certifications

  • Advanced Skills
  • AWS Official Curriculum
  • 10+ Hand-on Labs
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AWS Certified AI Practitioner

AWS Certified AI Practitioner, is a foundational-level certification, designed for people from different backgrounds and experiences, who are familiar with AI/ML technologies on AWS.

  • Registration opens on August 13, 2024.
  • Certification cost: 75 USD
  • Duration: 120 Minutes

This certification validates the knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Generative AI concepts and use cases. This exam covers Fundamental concepts, use cases of AI, ML, and GenAI, foundational models, model training and tuning, Prompt Engineering, model evaluation, Responsible AI, and security and Governance for AI systems.  Strengthens career growth and keeps you ready in the competitive world, by availing this certification in your profile.

Career Opportunities

A student seeking a career in AI, a business professional with well-versed AI skills, or an ML specialist deploying and operationalizing AI models, AWS’s new certifications empower everyone to showcase their innovation-ready expertise.

The advantages of AI/ML and Generative AI require broader skills beyond programming. By recognizing this requirement, many organizations, non-IT professionals; in marketing, HR, sales, finance, and many more can earn AWS Certified AI Practitioner certification and build greater confidence while identifying opportunities in AI. Even IT Professionals with limited exposure to AI/ML and Generative AI can make well-informed decisions to construct and manage AI solutions

Growing business requirements to deploy ML Solutions for real-time use cases requires expertise in building, training, deploying, and operationalizing ML solutions with optimizing cost, efficient resource utilization, and performance. AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer- Associate certification builds skills required for building, deploying, maintaining, and monitoring AI and Generative AI solutions to achieve business objectives like faster model training and deployments, improved model performance, and serving millions of users.


AWS’s new AI certifications are designed to help you establish and validate your expertise, supporting your professional growth and capacity for innovation in the AI landscape

Earn Multiple AWS Certifications for the Price of Two

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  • AWS Official Curriculum
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1. Who should consider getting the AWS Certified AI Practitioner certification?

ANS: – The AWS Certified AI Practitioner certification is ideal for individuals who want to understand the foundational concepts of AI and how it applies to AWS services. It’s suitable for beginners and those new to AI.

2. What is the AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer certification?

ANS: – The AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer certification is designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in designing, implementing, and maintaining machine learning solutions on AWS. It’s targeted at those with a more technical background and experience in machine learning.

3. What are the benefits of obtaining these AWS AI certifications?

ANS: – Obtaining these certifications can enhance your resume, validate your skills in AI and machine learning, increase job opportunities, and potentially lead to higher salaries in the cloud computing and AI fields.

4. How can I prepare for the AWS Certified AI Practitioner exam?

ANS: – To prepare for the AWS Certified AI Practitioner exam, you can take advantage of AWS’s training resources, including online courses, study guides, and practice exams available on the AWS Training and Certification website.

5. How do these certifications impact career growth in cloud computing?

ANS: – These certifications demonstrate your expertise in AI and machine learning on the AWS platform, making you a valuable asset to employers. They can open up advanced career opportunities in cloud computing, AI, and machine learning.


Rashmi Dhumal is working as a Subject Matter Expert in AWS Team at CloudThat, India. Being a passionate trainer, “technofreak and a quick learner”, is what aptly describes her. She has an immense experience of 20+ years as a technical trainer, an academician, mentor, and active involvement in curriculum development. She trained many professionals and student graduates pan India.



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