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A Step-by-Step Guide to becoming a GCP Professional Cloud Network Engineer


Working as a cloud network engineer is a great choice for professionals who want to work in a cloud-based environment. With advances in cloud technologies, cloud networking is becoming increasingly important.

Managing and implementing network architectures in Google Cloud is the responsibility of a Professional Cloud Network Engineer. They might collaborate with architects who create the infrastructure for cloud services on networking or cloud teams.

To ensure successful cloud implementations, the Cloud Network Engineer uses the Google Cloud, Console and/or command line interface and brings on encounters with network services, applications, container networking, hybrid, and multi-cloud interconnection, incorporating VPCs, and security for active network architectures. This role is further validated by obtaining the Google Cloud Certification.

Reasons to become a Professional Cloud Network Engineer with Google Cloud

The following are some of the key elements that may motivate your interest in the exam: 

  • Your credibility as a potential candidate will increase thanks to the professional certification. 
  • Professional certifications demonstrate a candidate’s dedication to developing the necessary abilities for a certain employment role. 
  • The GCP certification can guarantee applicants’ professional cloud network engineers’ status on a global scale. 
  • Certifications assist in demonstrating the level of candidates’ expertise regarding the services, products, and technologies of the Google Cloud Platform. 

  • Cloud Migration
  • Devops
  • AIML & IoT
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Preparation Tips & Tricks

  1. Refer to Google cloud’s official document 
  2. Go through the study guide 
  3. Practice with sample questions 
  4. Practice in console 

What is tested in the Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification exam?

There are five components in the Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification exam: 

  1. Implementing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) instances Section  
  2. Creating, organizing, and prototyping a Google Cloud network 
  3. Setup of network services 
  4. Using hybrid interconnectivity 
  5. Management, supervision, and optimization of network operations 

There isn’t much in the generic exam. A person who completes it and earns the Professional Cloud Network Engineer designation has proven that they can work with the actual details of designing, implementing, and maintaining a Google Cloud network. For the price, cloud administrators and engineers can benefit from one of the more valuable IT credentials. 

GCP certifications at CloudThat

Want to boost your cloud career by learning more about Google Cloud? You may learn Google Cloud solutions and products with the aid of CloudThat GCP certification training as your company undergoes a digital transformation.  

Our Google Cloud Platform certification courses, developed by subject matter experts, aid in the development of the skills necessary to deploy highly scalable applications on GCP. This Google Cloud online training course includes interactive learning activities and hands-on labs led by certified professionals. 

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  • CloudThat provides Google Cloud Platform training with most sessions offered to students in India and around the world. 
  • For the greatest training results, Google Cloud Platform certification courses include 50–60% hands-on and lab-based sessions. 
  • Delivered by knowledgeable, industry-certified instructors to guarantee exposure to Google Cloud learning use cases from the real world. 
  • Being a Google Cloud Partner gives us an edge over competitors in delivering Google Cloud certifications training. 

Sample Questions

  1. You have an unmanaged instance group on Compute Engine that is hosting a worldwide secure web application. Currently, us-central1-a is where the program is installed. However, as a result of business expansion, most of your new clients are located closer to the Europe-west2 region.  
  2. You must put in place a solution that complies with Google’s recommendations and enables the application to automatically scale to meet demand from potential consumers. What ought you to do? 
  3. A. Deploy a network load balancer with a regional virtual IP address. Configure a backend with a managed instance group. 
  4. B. Deploy an HTTP(S) load balancer with a regional virtual IP address. Configure a backend with a managed instance group. 
  5. C. Deploy an HTTP(S) load balancer with a global virtual IP address. Configure a backend in Europe-west2-a with a managed instance group. 
  6. D. Deploy a network load balancer with a global virtual IP address. Configure a backend in Europe-west2-a with an unmanaged instance group.
  7. You are employed by a large corporation that wishes to impose central control of all Google Cloud firewall rules. Each internal business unit now uses folders to manage its Google Cloud projects and network.  
  8. The business unit’s Compute Engine VMs should be able to reject inbound requests. What should you do? 
  9.  A. Configure VPC firewall rules to deny and allow traffic. 
  10. B. Create a Shared VPC network and configure the firewall in the host project. 
  11. C. Create a hierarchical firewall policy at the organization level and allow all egress traffic to the required business unit. 
  12. D. Create a hierarchical firewall policy at the organization level and deny all ingress traffic to the required business unit. 

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