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Top 30 Sample Questions for MS-700 Certification Exam: Managing Microsoft Teams Certification

The Managing Microsoft Teams Certification Exam MS-700 is required for candidates working on managing Microsoft Teams efficiently and effectively in a corporate-level Microsoft 365 environment.

Microsoft 365 Teams certification exam, MS-700, qualifies the candidates’ technical skills that include planning, configuring Microsoft Teams environment: managing chat, calling, meetings, and managing teams and app policies. In addition, the candidate must have a fundamental understanding of integration with apps and services.

If you have just started your journey in Microsoft 365, here is a Study Guide for Managing Microsoft 365 Certification Exam.

Suppose you are pursuing a career as a Microsoft Teams expert and want to understand the benefits of adopting cloud services, SaaS models, and implement Microsoft 365 cloud services, then this is the right place for you to start your preparation, First, test your knowledge and enhance your professional skills by answering the below questions.


  1. Which Windows PowerShell cmdlet should you use to create Microsoft 365 groups?a. New-UnifiedGroup
    b. New-AzureAdGroup
    c. New-DistributionGroup
    d. New-AdGroup
  2. Which of the following are supported channel types for Microsoft Teams?(Select 2)
    a. Group-wide channels
    b. Private channels
    c. Company-wide channels
    d. Public channels
  3. What are the resources included in a Microsoft 365 Group?(Select 3)
    a. Microsoft SharePoint site
    b. Power Automate.
    c. Microsoft Planner
    d. Microsoft Kaizala
    e. Microsoft To Do
    f. Microsoft Stream
  4. You are the Teams Administrator in Contoso Ltd. A team has been created for the new series of marketing campaigns with external vendors. The team owner wants to restrict sensitive information to only a subset of team members, including managers of external vendors. Which solution should you recommend to the team owner?a. Create a new team
    b. Create a private channel
    c. Create a standard channel
  5. Which of the following statements are correct?

    (Select 2)

    a. Each private channel in a team gets a subsite under the default team site.
    b. Each private channel in a team gets a new SharePoint site that’s different from the default team site.
    c. Each standard channel in a team gets a folder within the default team site document library.
    d. Only team owners can create new channels.

  6. What is a mandatory basis for a team?a. An Exchange Online mailbox
    b. A Distribution group
    c. A Microsoft 365 Group
    d. A new Microsoft project
  7. Which of the following features allows you to efficiently manage and monitor group membership for both internal and guest users?a. Group activity reports
    b. Group guest access
    c. Hidden membership
    d. Azure AD access reviews
  8. You can create a team from which of the following locations?(Select 2)

    a. Microsoft 365 admin center
    b. Teams admin center
    c. Azure AD admin center
    d. SharePoint admin center

  9. Which of the following are not the prerequisites to configure information barrier policies?a. Create Exchange address book policies
    b. Turn on audit logging
    c. Enable scoped directory search
    d. Admin consent for information barriers in Microsoft Teams
  10. Which of the following MFA second factor options requires a hybrid setup for your identities?
    a. Phone Callb. Text Message
    c. Mobile App Verification Code
    d. Physical or virtual smart card
  11. Microsoft 365 provides various security and compliance capabilities for Microsoft Teams. Which of the following features can be applied to Microsoft Teams?a. Expiration policies
    b. Retention policies
    c. Data loss prevention policies
    d. ActiveSync policies
  12. There are two approaches to upgrade from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. Which of the following coexistence modes is the first phase of a direct upgrade journey?a. Islands
    b. Skype for Business with Teams (SfBWithTeamsCollab)
    c. Skype for Business with Teams(SfBWithTeamsCollabAndMeetings)
    d. Teams Only
  13. The Meeting Migration Service (MMS) updates a user’s existing meetings in which of the following scenarios? (Select 3)
    a. When a user is migrated from the cloud to on-premises Skype for Businessb. When a user is migrated from on-premises to the cloud (SfB Online or TeamsOnly)
    c. When an online user is upgraded to Teams the only
    d. When an admin makes a change to the user’s audio-conferencing settings
  14. The Office 365 endpoints change regularly. Which of the following tools or methods can you use to get change notification? (Select 3)a. RSS feed
    b. Web service
    c. Listed on a Website
    d. Push Notification
  15. Which of the following roles have access to the Network Planner?(Select 2)

    a. Teams Administrator
    b. Teams Communications Administrator
    c. Teams Communications Support Engineer
    d. Teams Communications Support Specialist

  16. Reporting labels are used to generate which of the following reports?a. Call Analytics
    b. Teams usage
    c. Teams device usage
    d. PSTN and SMS
  17. You are the Team’s admin for Contoso Ltd in the financial industry. The company wants to prevent users from using Giphys in Teams. Which of the following policies should you configure to achieve the goal?a. Messaging policy
    b. Teams policy
    c. Meeting policy
    d. Calling policy
  18. Which of the following policies should you use to prevent users from creating private channels in teams?a. Messaging policy
    b. Teams policy
    c. Meeting policy
    d. Calling policy
  19. You can configure the Teams settings at different levels, including tenant and team levels. Which of the following settings is only available at the tenant level (Org-wide)?a. Allow users to send emails to a channel email address
    b. Users can delete sent messages
    c. Allow a user to remove users from a group chat
    d. Create private channels
  20. You are the Team’s admin for Contoso Ltd. The company wants to centralize the cloud file storage to Microsoft 365 (SharePoint and OneDrive) by disabling third-party storage providers. Which of the following should you configure in the Teams admin center?
    a. Teams apps permission policyb. Teams apps setup policy
    c. Teams settings
    d. Teams policy
  21. You are the Team’s admin for Contoso Ltd. A project lead owns two teams named TeamA and TeamB. He wants to prevent the team members of TeamA from creating private channels, but not TeamB. The team members are overlapped between those two teams. How can this be achieved?a. Configure the settings from Teams client
    b. Configure Teams policies from the Teams admin center.
    c. Configure Teams settings from Teams admin center
    d. It is not possible to achieve the goal
  22. You are the Team’s admin for Contoso Ltd. You want to make the new custom app is visible for the Sales team in their Teams client. How can this be achieved from the Teams admin center?a. Configure Teams apps permission policies
    b. Configure Teams apps setup policies
    c. Configure Teams setting
    d. Configure Org-wide app settings
  23. You are the Team’s admin for Contoso Ltd. Your company wants to use Teams for company-wide announcements. Which kind of the following team should you create?
    a. Public teamb. Private team
    c. Org-wide team
  24. When a team has been accidentally deleted from the Teams admin center, you can recover the team by restoring the associated Microsoft 365 group during the soft-delete period. How long is a deleted Microsoft 365 Group been retained before permanently deleted?a. 14 days
    b. 30 days
    c. 90 days
    d. 180 days
  25. Which of the following permissions is only for team owners?
    a. Add a channelb. Edit team name/description
    c. Add bots
    d. Add tabs
  26. You are the Project Manager for Contoso Ltd. You want to create a regular meeting where the entire project team is invited to coordinate tasks and keep up to date. What type of meeting should you create?a. Ad-hoc meeting
    b. Channel meeting
    c. Private meeting
  27. You are the Team’s admin for Contoso Ltd. The company wants to prevent anonymous users from joining Teams meetings. How can this be achieved?a. Configure Meetings settings
    b. Configure Meeting policies
    c. Configure Live events settings
    d. Configure Live events policies
  28. What two modules are required to create a Teams Rooms account in PowerShell?a. Microsoft Online and Exchange Online
    b. Microsoft Online and Azure Active Directory
    c. Microsoft Online and Teams
  29. What is the role of the Microsoft 365 resource accounts?a. It’s the account that is invited to meetings on behalf of the room
    b. It signs in to Windows on Teams Rooms
    c. It schedules the meetings that happen on Teams Rooms
  30. Which three features are included in Teams Rooms Premium?a. Monitoring and troubleshooting, room planning and rollout, and Update Management
    b. Customer support, update Management, and physical installation
    c. Insight and recommendations, physical installation, and update management

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Correct Answers:

  1. A
  2. B & D
  3. A, C, & F
  4. B
  5. B, & C
  6. C
  7. D
  8. A, & B
  9. A
  10. D
  11. A, B, & C
  12. A
  13. B, C, & D
  14. A B & C
  15. A, & B
  16. A
  17. A
  18. B
  19. A
  20. C
  21. A
  22. B
  23. C
  24. B
  25. B
  26. B
  27. A
  28. A
  29. A
  30. A


These are some of the sample questions which you can expect in the MS-700  exam and here is the Study Guide for Passing Managing Microsoft Teams Certification Exam. If you have just started your journey in Microsoft 365, then the Study Guide for Passing Microsoft 365 Fundamentals MS-900 Certification Exam would be a good starting point. You can attend training by CloudThat to expedite the learning process.

Here is a course for you, that can help you to get structured training for Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: MS-900.

In any case, you will need to tap into a question bank to practice more before you appear for the certification exam. Review through CloudThat’s TestPrep for thorough preparation.

Feel free to drop any questions in the comment box, I would love to address them and support your career growth. I hope you enjoyed the article. Best of luck!

Stay tuned for more sample questions on Microsoft 365.

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