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Leveraging Amazon Redshift and Amazon Kinesis for OTT Growth

Introduction to Amazon Redshift

AWS provides a cloud-based data warehousing tool called Amazon Redshift. It is a serverless data warehouse. It can store huge amounts of historical data, benefiting the online analytical process. It provides the data warehouse solution at the best price performance.

It provides five times better price performance than the physical data warehouse and another cloud-based data warehouse. It gets the data from various sources in a few seconds without worrying about infrastructure management and security. The data source can be an Excel file, E-Commerce data, user’s database, etc.

It can also integrate the various data source into a single format using the SQL query and transform it into a single usable format.

Amazon Redshift Configuration

Amazon Redshift Configuration can be done in two ways:

  1. Single Node: It consists of only one node. And capacity to store up to 160GB of data.
  2. Multi-Node: It combines two or more nodes and works in parallel. It has two parts:
  3. Leader Node: It handles the connection and query response from the client.
  4. Compute Node: It executes the query and performs the task.

The benefits of Amazon Redshift are the following:

  • It’s easy to manage, set up, and deploy the services.
  • It is very cost-effective and works on a pay-per-use model.
  • It can easily scale up and down according to the business requirement.
  • It is secure.
  • It performs the Analytics task using the structure and semi-structure query.
  • It is 10 times faster than a normal database because it stores the data in columns.

Introduction to Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis is a fully managed and cost-effective service to analyze streaming data like video, audio, website clickstreams, etc. It makes it easy to analyze that data and build the business solution according to the requirement.

Amazon Kinesis Services

AWS Kinesis offers four types of core services:

  1. Kinesis Data Stream: It’s a serverless data streaming service that simplifies data stream storage at any scale. It is managed manually.
  2. Kinesis Data Firehose: It is an ETL service. ETL stands for Extract, Transform, and Load. It extracts the streaming data from the various It stores in a staging area to transform into a single format and stored in Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, or a data warehouse (Redshift) to perform the analysis. It is managed automatically.
  3. Kinesis Data Analytics: It performs the analytics task on real-time data using Apache Flink. It performs OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).
  4. Kinesis Video Streams: It enables quick and safe video streaming from various connected devices to AWS for playback, machine learning, or other processing.

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How Amazon Redshift and Amazon Kinesis are helping OTT Platform

With the help of Amazon Redshift, we can store historical streamed data like video, audio, click logs, and user data. This will be used in the analytics of the trends and most streamed video, audio, and most viewed content in specific regions to improve their service, fulfill customer requirements, and grow their business.

With the help of Amazon Redshift, OTT platforms may store and analyze enormous volumes of data in a scalable, economical manner. OTT platforms can quickly access and analyze huge datasets, including information on user behaviors, content consumption, and operational metrics. Amazon Redshift is a great option for OTT platforms that must process enormous volumes of data in real-time due to its capacity to grow and manage petabyte-size data sets.

On the other hand, OTT platforms can ingest, process, and analyze streaming data in real time using Amazon Kinesis, a real-time data streaming service. OTT platforms can collect and process real-time data from user interactions, content watching, and other events using Kinesis, which can manage terabytes of data per hour from thousands of sources.

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1. Is Amazon Redshift or Amazon Kinesis paid?

ANS: – Yes, it’s a paid service, but their pricing model is very affordable. And works on a pay-per-user model. Users need to pay only for whatever resources they use.

2. What advantages does adopting Amazon Redshift offer?

ANS: – Scalability, affordability, and quick query performance are advantages of adopting Amazon Redshift. Redshift is the best option for massive data warehousing and analytics applications since it is built to handle petabyte-scale volumes. Additionally, it has security features, automatic backup and recovery, and integrations with other data sources and analytics tools.

3. Which applications of Amazon Redshift are there?

ANS: – Businesses and organizations from various industries, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and media, use Amazon Redshift. Business intelligence, data warehousing, and analytics are typical application cases.

WRITTEN BY Aditya Kumar

Aditya Kumar works as a Research Associate at CloudThat. His expertise lies in Data Analytics. He is learning and gaining practical experience in AWS and Data Analytics. Aditya is also passionate about continuously expanding his skill set and knowledge to learn new skills. He is keen to learn new technology.



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