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Amazon Q: Amazing Generative AI-powered Assistant is Here

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With generative artificial intelligence (AI), Amazon Q (available for usage with AWS builders) is a conversational assistant that can assist in comprehending, creating, extending, and managing AWS applications. Inquiries concerning AWS architecture, best practices, documentation, support, and other topics are welcome. To ensure that your queries receive the most contextually relevant and useful responses possible—including the option to speak with a human—Amazon Q is continuously improving its capabilities.

Amazon Q also offers software development support, including code creation, code explanation, and code enhancements like debugging and optimization when used in an integrated programming environment (IDE). Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that makes foundation models (FMs) accessible via an API, powers Amazon Q. To help you develop on AWS more quickly, we’ve added top-notch AWS information to the model that runs Amazon Q. This will provide you with more thorough, useful, and referenced answers.


Features of Amazon Q

Among the features of Amazon Q are the following are the salient ones:

AWS uses automatic abuse detection powered by Amazon Bedrock. Users could fully use the controls in Amazon Bedrock to ensure security, safety, and the proper application of artificial intelligence (AI) because Amazon Q is built on top of it.

Chat: Amazon Q responds to inquiries in English using natural language on AWS, including topics such as choosing an AWS service, using the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), documentation, and best practices. In response, Amazon Q provides links to its information sources and information summaries or detailed instructions.

Memory: Amazon Q uses context throughout your chat to guide subsequent replies.

Code suggestions and enhancements: Amazon Q can provide software development answers, enhance your code, and produce new code within IDEs.

Troubleshooting and support: Amazon Q gives you access to live AWS Support agents to help you with your AWS inquiries and concerns, and it can assist you in understanding problems in the AWS Management Console.

Customer input: To help with technical difficulties or to give support, Amazon Q uses the data and comments you make via feedback.

We can integrate Amazon Q with other features. Here are some essential integrations of Amazon Q as a feature with other services:

  • Amazon Q (for business use)
  • Amazon Q in AWS Chatbot
  • Amazon Q in Amazon CodeCatalyst
  • Amazon Q in Amazon Connect
  • Amazon Q in Amazon EC2
  • Amazon Q in AWS Glue
  • Amazon Q in VPC Reachability Analyzer
  • Amazon Q in Amazon QuickSight
  • Amazon Redshift Query editor(preview)


Customized Cloud Solutions to Drive your Business Success

  • Cloud Migration
  • Devops
  • AIML & IoT
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Sample Screenshots of Amazon-Q Interface


Prominent Service Integrations of Amazon Q

To streamline query creation and boost productivity, Amazon Redshift has introduced Amazon Q generative SQL in Amazon Redshift Query Editor, an out-of-the-box web-based SQL editor for Redshift that enables you to express queries in natural language and obtain SQL code recommendations. Additionally, it enables you to obtain insights more quickly without requiring an in-depth understanding of the intricate database information within your company.

Amazon QuickSight Q leverages natural language processing and machine learning to answer your business queries promptly. Your business intelligence (BI) teams can save weeks of work by utilizing Q instead of having to create pre-made data models and dashboards. Q is designed to comprehend business terms, such as those pertaining to sales, marketing, and retail, that you use daily at work. Assume, for instance, that a sales executive wishes to determine which product categories generated the most income in a certain area. “What are the top-selling categories in California?” is a simple question to ask. Q returns the top-ranked categories in California by revenue, understanding that “top-selling” refers to the highest revenue.

You may use natural language to create data integration pipelines using Amazon Q data integration in AWS Glue. Use a chat interface to explain your goals, and Amazon Q data integration via AWS Glue will provide a finished product. With only one click, you may test the task and put it into production. Troubleshooting errors without delving deeply into reference books, blogs, and documentation. You may get immediate SME help along your data integration journey with Amazon Q data integration in AWS Glue. You don’t have to wait for an expert to respond to your inquiries or be an expert in Apache Spark or SQL.



Business users can solve issues, create content, take action, and more. Examples of these users are sales reps, marketers, project and program managers, and others. Because Amazon Q is aware of which systems it can access, users may ask complex, nuanced inquiries and receive responses that are specific to them and only contain data that they are allowed to view.

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