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Deploying your website on cloud? Checkout for options in Azure

Are you planning a startup with a new feature loaded e-commerce website or just a static website which is showing the existence of your company online. Microsoft Azure has something for you. Let me crack into the concept and list the three options which one can have for deploying a Website or Web Application with Azure.

Azure Websites (PaaS)
Cloud Services (Pass)
Virtual Machines (IaaS)

In this blog, I am giving some piece of information to help you choose one out of the three options which suit your needs.

Why should you go for Azure Websites?

Reason 1: You want to deploy website ultra-fast and doesn’t have much time for deployment. May be launching a company webpage or small operations website before the deadline ends.

Reason 2: You don’t have enough knowledge and skills to setup Azure Cloud Services or have an implementation drafting from scratch using virtual machines.

Reason 3: You have a simple one-tier website and doesn’t want to implement multiple machines running different tiers or parts of web application.

Azure Websites doesn’t allow to implement multiple virtual machines to communicate under one virtual network internally.

Why should you go for Cloud Services?
Reason 1:
You want to have some basic access of the underlying virtual machine to support features like security and networking.

Reason 2: Your website or web application runs in multiple tiers and you want to deploy multiple virtual machines for different tiers and expect them to perform internal communication. (Web role and Worker role)

Reason 3: Your website or web application wants to integrate with other advanced Azure services like CDN and Traffic Manager.

Why should you go for virtual machines?
Reason 1:
You already have a website or web application in your data center and you want to migrate it easily by simply deploying virtual machines using system images of servers on-premises.

Reason 2: You need extraneous control over the virtual machines running the website or web application. If your website or web application really requires deep level control including many additional components to be installed or changes to be made at OS level (registry, memory management, networking etc).

Reason 3: Your website or web application needs installation of 3rd party tools for monitoring and management, then it may not be supported by Cloud Service.

Apart from this, cost could also be the parameter to consider before going on with an option. So first decide upon which of the three options above is technically suitable and then you can use the links given below to compare the pricing.

Pricing for Azure Websites:

Pricing for Cloud Services:

Pricing for Azure IaaS VMs:

I hope this blog could help you take a decision for deploying a website or web application on Azure  cloud.




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