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Green Cloud Computing and Sustainability – Make your Contribution to Environment

Green Cloud Computing is the study of designing, developing, and using digital devices that minimize the carbon footprint and create a sustainable environment. As part of an initiative to implement Green Cloud Computing, all major public cloud providers like Microsoft, AWS and Google have adopted renewable energy resources for operating their data centers. 

Interestingly, Google, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Northwestern University together in a study have found that moving popular software applications used by around 86 million U.S workers to the cloud would cut down energy consumption by 87%. Also, the same study puts emphasis on the fact that data center energy consumption has dropped by 31% from 2010 to 2020 through the wide adoption of cloud computing. Interesting industry research says embracing public clouds can reduce CO2 emissions by 59 million tons per year which equates to taking 22 million cars off the road.  

This blog post elucidates how green computing in cloud computing is helping organizations to build a sustainable environment. 

Green Cloud Computing Offers Better Infrastructure

The public cloud data centers are usually in the vicinity of the power sources that supply electricity for their operations. Thus, minimizing the transmission losses. This advantage is not available for traditional corporate data centers that are installed as on-premises infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Technology Encourages Virtualization

The primary technology in cloud computing is virtualization. This contributes to sustainability by reducing the dependency on high-carbon physical products and replacing them with virtual equivalents.  

It has been a regular practice at CloudThat to assist our clients to adopt cloud computing and be energy efficient in their computational activities. We encourage our clientele to be reputed as organizations that function with an energy-lean diet.

Green Cloud Computing Enhances Server Utility Rate

Organizations invest in on-premises data centers with preparedness to handle spikes in resource utilization. Often, they end up underutilizing resources, while public cloud data centers always ensure optimum utilization of resources. Thus, enhancing the server utility rate.

Green Cloud Technology Drastically Reduces Energy Consumption

According to a research report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, data centers consume about 2% of the total energy consumption in the US. This is approximately 73 to 75 billion kilowatt-hours.  

But embracing public cloud data centers that run on renewable energy sources like geothermal, solar, wind power, hydropower, and other eco-friendly electricity helps organizations manage energy in a better way.  

Foster Growth of Remote Work Culture

Green Cloud Technology has helped many organizations to innovate software solutions and applications that encourage a remote work culture. The recent trend of remote work culture unburdens the traffic on streets, reduces energy consumption at the workplace, enhances productivity, and more importantly saves energy, helping to save the ecosystem. All this is possible with cloud computing.

Less Impact on Climate 

According to a recent AWS report, traditional data centers have a dirtier power mix than a typical public cloud provider. Thus, moving to public clouds helps to build a sustainable environment.

CloudThat Initiatives to Build a Sustainable Environment

CloudThat as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner conducts a record number of cloud-wellness assessment programs free of cost to create awareness amongst small, big, and medium-sized organizations on the importance of the sustainability pillar in the AWS Well-Architected Review. Moreover, we conduct social awareness campaigns for startups and other small organizations to disseminate knowledge on the long-term environmental, economic, and societal repercussions of business activities that must be addressed on war-footing by promoting green cloud technology.

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  1. Komal Kothari

    Jul 5, 2022


    According to my study of the Cloud and Cloud Sustainability, It is true that the green cloud changes a lot in the environment. More than the data we are getting, we can change the environment and that is possible.
    Reducing carbon, using renewable energy is just the beginning. But we will see many other benefits in the future.

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