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Cloud Training

Tackle complex cloud challenges. Learn skills and best practices in person or online from CloudThat’s accredited technical instructors. Course offerings include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, Big Data, and more. Register for a virtual instructor-led class online, in person, or ask about private on-site classes for your team. Prepare for and earn your cloud accreditations.
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Cloud Engineering

CloudThat delivers engineering services to support Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Once you identify the business case requirements, CloudThat is expert in design, project management, infrastructure development, and implementation of the cloud solution. CloudThat is on hand to help move your project to the Cloud as well.
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Cloud ExpertLine

The Cloud ExpertLine is a premium subscription-based e-mail and phone service to have an Expert Cloud Architect on hand to address complex cloud architecture questions and challenges, on demand.
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Our Results

CloudThat has helped its customers move to cloud right from the cloud readiness stage to planning & prioritization to implementation. We have architected some of the large and complex deployments on AWS. Learn More…
CloudThat has success stories where we helped the dynamic organizations to deliver high-quality, valuable software in an efficient, fast, and reliable manner. Learn More…
Highly scalable MongoDB cluster on cloud with nodes distributed between multiple availability zones for redundancy. Learn More…

Client Testimonials

We provide onsite and remote consulting for clients ranging from small startups of a few people to large enterprises and government. Our biggest problem is that there is not enough of us to go around! CloudThat has become a trusted partner, allowing us to operate in “burst mode” when we’re spread too thin. On our last project, CloudThat staff setup our AWS VPCs to our specification quickly and expertly.
Jon Auman, Daveops, Ltd. (UK)