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Deploying a Highly Available and Scalable JAVA Tomcat Application on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)


Google Kubernetes Engine is a fully managed Kubernetes cluster offered by Google Cloud Platform.

GKE offers two modes of the operational cluster: Standard and Autopilot.

In this blog, we are going to deploy a highly available application on GKE with a step-by-step guide.



  1. A GCP Account
  2. A sample WAR application
  3. A MySQL instance if you have a database connected with the application

Kubernetes components to be covered:

  1. Deployment
  2. Service
  3. Ingress
  4. Secrets(tls)

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Activate GCP Cloud Shell by clicking on the icon GKE icon from the right top of the console

It will activate the Cloud Shell as per below:


Note: The Project has already been selected as we open Cloudshell from web browser. Use gcloud config set project [PROJECT_ID] to change project.

Step 2: Create a ct-demo repository for storing container images in the Docker repository

Step 3: Create a Dockerfile

Step 4: Upload your WAR application in CloudShell



Step 5: Create Docker image from Dockerfile in the same directory where WAR file is uploaded


Note: The PROJECT_ID is environment variable to store Project ID information. Instead of env variable you can also use paste Project ID directly in above command

Step 6: Push Docker Image in Artifact repository created in Step 2

Step 7: Create GKE Cluster

Step 8: Create deployment.yml from below textbox and run command

Step 9: Create service.yml from below textbox and run command

Step 10: Upload SSL to cloud shell and add SSL into secrets that Ingress controller will use for SSL-termination

Step 11: Create ingress.yml from below textbox and run the command

Step 12: Review all the resources and test your application by requesting an External IP of the ingress controller



To Create HorizontalPodAutoscaler on deployment on the basis of CPU usage

Keep it up! You have deployed a highly available and scalable Tomcat application on GKE

I hope you find this blog helpful for your Kubernetes (GKE) journey

Please do not forget to delete resources to avoid incurring charges to your Google account using the below commands


Kubernetes works on the same design principles that run popular Google services and provides the same advantages as automatic management, monitoring, and liveness probes for application containers, automatic scaling, rolling updates, and more. When running your applications on a cluster, you use Google’s 10+ years of technology and experience to run production workloads in containers.

For detailed information on Kubernetes works, here is a blog on Beginner’s Guide with Real-world Illustration

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