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Integrating Bitbucket Repositories with Argo CD

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Integrating different tools and technologies is pivotal in ensuring efficient and effective workflows. Bitbucket and Argo CD are two powerful tools that, when combined, contribute significantly to DevOps practices, facilitating smoother deployment, management, and continuous delivery of applications.


Bitbucket, developed by Atlassian, is a widely used version control system that enables teams to collaborate on code efficiently. Offering Git repository hosting, Bitbucket provides a robust platform for version control, code review, issue tracking, and team collaboration. Its intuitive interface and integration capabilities make it a popular choice for both small teams and large enterprises.

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Key features of Bitbucket

  • Git Repository Hosting: Bitbucket supports both Git and Mercurial repositories, allowing developers to effectively manage and collaborate on code.
  • Branching Workflows: It enables the implementation of various branching strategies, such as GitFlow, to organize and manage code changes efficiently.
  • Integration with CI/CD Tools: Bitbucket seamlessly integrates with various Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, and more, enabling automated build and deployment processes.


ArgoCD, an open-source continuous delivery tool, specializes in managing and automating deployments in Kubernetes environments. It operates on the GitOps principle, utilizing Git repositories as a source of truth for defining and managing application infrastructure and configurations. ArgoCD ensures application deployments align with the desired state defined in Git repositories.

Key features of ArgoCD

  • Declarative Configuration: Applications and their configurations are specified declaratively using YAML files, making it easier to manage and version control.
  • Automated Sync: ArgoCD continuously monitors the defined Git repositories and automatically syncs the deployed applications to match the desired state.
  • Rollback Capabilities: ArgoCD simplifies rollback procedures by reverting applications to their previously successful state in case of issues or errors.

Leveraging Bitbucket with ArgoCD

Combining Bitbucket with ArgoCD presents a powerful synergy in the DevOps landscape. Here’s how they work together:

  • Version-controlled Deployments: ArgoCD uses Git repositories to manage application configurations. As a robust version control system, Bitbucket provides a reliable platform for storing and managing these configurations, ensuring version-controlled deployments.
  • Automated Deployments: Through integration, changes pushed to Bitbucket repositories trigger ArgoCD to update the Kubernetes cluster automatically, deploying the application with the updated configuration and automating the deployment process.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Teams collaborating on code via Bitbucket can seamlessly integrate with ArgoCD for streamlined deployment workflows, fostering better collaboration between development and operations teams.

ArgoCD is a powerful tool used for continuous deployment and managing Kubernetes applications. By integrating it with version control systems like Bitbucket, you can automate the deployment process and ensure a seamless workflow.


Before getting started, make sure you have the following:

  • Access to a Kubernetes cluster where Argo CD is installed.
  • A Bitbucket repository containing the application code to be deployed.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1:  Create App passwords
Login to the Bitbucket console


Click on the settings button and select Personal Bitbucket Settings.



On the left navigation pane, select App Passwords and click on Create App Password.


Select the necessary permissions and click on Create.


After selecting “Create App Password,” the generated password will display on the screen. Remember to copy the app password at this point, as once the “Close” option is clicked, it cannot be retrieved again.



Step 2:

Login in to argocd ui >> Settings >> Repositories


Click on + connect Repo.


Multiple methods exist to connect the repo with ArgoCD chosen via SSH.


Enter the details, comprising the URL of the Bitbucket repository, your username, and the app password created in the prior step. Subsequently, select “Connect” to proceed.


Once we click on connect, the repository gets added to the ArgoCD.



The combination of Bitbucket and ArgoCD offers an efficient and reliable solution for modern software development and deployment.

Leveraging Bitbucket’s version control capabilities alongside ArgoCD’s automated deployment features streamlines the DevOps process, ensuring consistency, reliability, and scalability in application deployment on Kubernetes clusters.

Drop a query if you have any questions regarding Bitbucket or ArgoCD and we will get back to you quickly.

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1. Why integrate Bitbucket with ArgoCD?

ANS: – Integrating Bitbucket with ArgoCD offers a streamlined approach to managing deployment workflows. ArgoCD ensures that applications are deployed consistently and efficiently by automatically syncing changes from Bitbucket repositories, reducing manual intervention and minimizing errors in the deployment process.

2. How does the ArgoCD track change in the connected Bitbucket repository?

ANS: – ArgoCD employs a GitOps approach, constantly monitoring the configured Bitbucket repository for any changes in the specified branch. When changes occur, ArgoCD automatically triggers a synchronization process, deploying the updated version of the application based on the defined sync policies.

3. What benefits does integrating Bitbucket with ArgoCD offer to development teams?

ANS: – Integrating Bitbucket with ArgoCD streamlines the deployment pipeline, fostering a more efficient development lifecycle. It automates the deployment process, ensures consistency between code changes and deployments, reduces manual intervention, and allows teams to focus more on innovation and less on repetitive deployment tasks.


Anil Kumar Y A works as a Research Associate at CloudThat. He knows GCP Cloud Services and resources and DevOps tools like Docker, K8s, Ansible, and Terraform, and he is also passionate about improving his skills and learning new tools and technologies.



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