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Transforming Documents into Actionable Data with Azure AI Document Intelligence

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Microsoft Azure offers a full suite of AI and machine learning tools called Azure AI Document Intelligence. It is intended to enable businesses to make data-driven decisions, extract insightful information, and expedite document-related procedures. The platform uses cutting-edge AI techniques to analyze and extract data from documents, photos, and scanned files, including computer vision, optical character recognition (OCR), and natural language processing (NLP). Automating the document processing pipeline with Azure AI Document Intelligence can increase productivity and decrease errors and manual labor.

Key Features of Azure AI Document Intelligence

  • Document Classification: Azure AI Document Intelligence can automatically classify documents based on their content, allowing you to route them to the appropriate departments or processes.
  • Information Extraction: The platform excels at extracting structured data from unstructured documents. It can capture key information like dates, invoice numbers, and amounts, making integrating this data into your business systems easy.
  • Key-Value Pair Extraction: Azure AI Document Intelligence can identify and extract document key-value pairs. This feature is particularly useful for extracting information from forms, contracts, and surveys.
  • Language Support: The platform supports multiple languages and can process documents in various languages, making it a valuable tool for businesses with international operations.
  • Customization: Azure AI Document Intelligence can be customized to suit your specific document processing needs. You can create custom models for document understanding and tailor the platform to your unique requirements.
  • Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with other Azure services, making incorporating document intelligence into your existing workflows and applications easy.

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Use Cases for Azure AI Document Intelligence

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable: Automate invoice processing, validate data accuracy and expedite payment processes.
  • Legal and Compliance: Automate contract review and analysis to identify critical terms and obligations.
  • Healthcare: Process and manage medical records and insurance claims.
  • Real Estate: Automate data extraction from property documents and lease agreements.

Getting Started with Azure AI Document Intelligence

To get started with Azure AI Document Intelligence, you must set up an Azure account and access the Document Intelligence platform. From there, you can experiment with pre-built models or create custom models tailored to your specific needs. The platform provides extensive documentation and tutorials to help you maximize its capabilities.

  1. Setting up an Azure Account:
  • Go to the Azure portal if you don’t have an Azure account.
  • Click on “Start free” to create a new account.
  • Set up your account by providing the necessary information.
  1. Accessing the Document Intelligence Platform:
  • Once your Azure account is set up, log in to the Azure portal.
  • In the Azure portal, you can find the AI Document Intelligence service. You can use the search bar to find it if it’s not visible.



  1. Exploring Pre-built Models:
  • In the Document Intelligence platform, explore the available pre-built models for various document-related tasks, such as text extraction, key phrase extraction, entity recognition, etc.
  • You can find detailed documentation and examples for each pre-built model to understand how they work and how to integrate them into your applications.


  1. Creating Custom Models:
  • You can create custom models if the pre-built models don’t meet your specific requirements.
  • Azure AI provides tools like Azure Form Recognizer for extracting information from forms and documents. You can find these services in the Azure portal.
  • Follow the documentation and guides to train your custom models based on your specific document types.

Creating custom model


Labeling the dataset


Testing Model


  1. Integration with Azure Services:
  • Document Intelligence can be integrated with other Azure services for a more comprehensive solution.
  • Explore options for integrating with Azure Storage, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, or any other relevant Azure services based on your use case.
  • Review documentation and samples provided by Microsoft for seamless integration.
  1. Testing and Deployment:
  • Before deploying your solution, thoroughly test it using the Azure Document Intelligence APIs or SDKs.
  • Consider scalability, performance, and security aspects during the testing phase.
  1. Monitoring and Optimization:
  • Implement monitoring and logging to keep track of the performance and usage of your Document Intelligence solution.
  • Optimize your models and configurations based on feedback and performance metrics.
  1. Documentation and Community:
  • Refer to the official Azure Document Intelligence documentation.
  • Join relevant forums or communities to connect with other developers and get support.
  • Following these steps, you can set up, explore, and integrate Azure AI Document Intelligence into your applications. Refer to the official documentation for the most up-to-date and detailed information.


Azure AI Document Intelligence is a remarkable solution transforming how organizations handle documents and data. Automating document processing, reducing errors, and enhancing the efficiency of data extraction empower businesses to make quicker, more informed decisions and streamline their operations.

Regardless of your industry or specific document processing needs, Azure AI Document Intelligence offers a versatile and customizable platform to unlock the full potential of your data.

With its advanced AI capabilities and seamless integration with Azure services, Azure AI Document Intelligence is poised to play a pivotal role in modernizing document workflows, ultimately helping businesses improve their agility, customer service, and overall performance. It’s a testament to the power of artificial intelligence in turning documents into actionable data, a transformation that can drive business success in today’s data-driven world.

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1. How can Azure AI Document Intelligence benefit my organization?

ANS: – Azure AI Document Intelligence offers several benefits, including improved efficiency, reduced errors, faster decision-making, cost savings, enhanced customer experience, and compliance and security. It automates document processing, reduces manual labor, and ensures data accuracy, leading to more informed and agile decision-making.

2. What types of documents can Azure AI Document Intelligence process?

ANS: – Azure AI Document Intelligence can process various documents, including invoices, contracts, resumes, forms, receipts, medical records, insurance claims, and more. It’s versatile and can be adapted to suit various document processing needs.

3. Is Azure AI Document Intelligence capable of handling documents in multiple languages?

ANS: – Yes, Azure AI Document Intelligence supports multiple languages, making it suitable for businesses with international operations. It can process documents in various languages, which is especially valuable for organizations with global reach.

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