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Building Scalable and Real-time Data Pipelines with AWS Glue and Amazon Kinesis

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Organizations struggle to manage the deluge of information streaming from diverse sources in the ever-growing data landscape. Traditional data pipelines, often reliant on manual coding and cumbersome infrastructure, are proving inadequate for handling the volume, velocity, and variety of modern data. This blog post dives into a technical approach to building robust and scalable data pipelines using the power of AWS Glue and Amazon Kinesis, fostering a DataOps mindset within your organization.


DataOps is a collaborative methodology that merges data engineering and data science practices to automate and streamline the data flow.

It emphasizes:

  • Automation: Minimizing manual coding tasks through serverless solutions and visual tools.
  • Collaboration: Fostering seamless interaction between data engineers and data scientists for efficient pipeline development.
  • Monitoring and Optimization: Continuously monitoring pipeline performance and implementing optimizations to ensure data quality and efficient resource utilization.

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AWS Glue

AWS Glue simplifies data integration and transformation by offering a serverless ETL/ELT (Extract, Transform, Load/Extract, Load, Transform) service. Here’s how AWS Glue empowers DataOps principles:

  • Visual Workflows: AWS Glue’s drag-and-drop interface eliminates the need for complex scripting, allowing data engineers to design data pipelines visually. This reduces development time and fosters collaboration with data scientists.
  • Automatic Schema Discovery and Data Integration: AWS Glue automatically discovers schemas from various data sources (databases, data lakes, flat files) and integrates them seamlessly into your pipeline. This eliminates manual schema mapping and streamlines data ingestion.
  • Scalability: AWS Glue automatically scales to handle fluctuating data volumes. This ensures smooth data processing regardless of data size, eliminating the need to manage dedicated infrastructure.

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis is a managed service for real-time data streams. It empowers DataOps by:

  • High-Throughput Data Ingestion: Amazon Kinesis ingests and processes high-volume, real-time data streams from various sources like application logs, social media feeds, and sensor data. This allows for immediate data processing and analysis as it arrives.
  • Persistent Storage and Scalability: Amazon Kinesis automatically scales to accommodate data surges and offers persistent storage options for data durability. This guarantees data integrity and avoids data loss even during peak loads.
  • Integration with AWS Glue: Amazon Kinesis seamlessly integrates with AWS Glue, allowing you to continuously ingest and transform real-time data streams for near real-time analysis. This facilitates faster decision-making based on the latest data insights.

Technical Considerations for Building Your Data Pipeline

Here’s a deeper look at the technical considerations for building a robust data pipeline with AWS Glue and Amazon Kinesis:

  1. Data Source Configuration: Configure AWS Glue crawlers to discover schemas and identify data locations from your data sources. Utilize AWS Glue’s built-in connectors or develop custom connectors using AWS SDKs for specific data sources.
  2. Data Transformation Jobs: Design data transformation jobs within AWS Glue using its Spark-based engine. You can leverage various built-in transformations (filtering, joining, aggregation) or write custom Python code for complex logic.
  3. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams: Create Amazon Kinesis data streams to ingest real-time data from your sources. Configure shard count (data partitions) within the stream to manage data throughput and optimize performance.
  4. Glue Integration with Amazon Kinesis: Utilize AWS Glue’s Kinesis data source connector to read real-time data from your Kinesis stream continuously. This allows for near real-time data processing within your Glue job.
  5. Data Catalog Management: Utilize the AWS Glue Data Catalog to define schemas, locations, and access control for your data assets. This facilitates data lineage tracking and ensures data governance within your data lake or data warehouse.

Monitoring and Optimization for Continuous Improvement

  • AWS CloudTrail: Monitor data pipeline execution logs within AWS CloudTrail to track job runs, success/failure statuses, and resource usage. This provides insights for identifying bottlenecks and optimizing resource allocation.
  • Amazon CloudWatch: Leverage Amazon CloudWatch to monitor pipeline execution metrics like job duration, data volume processed, and resource utilization. This allows for proactively identifying performance issues and enables data-driven optimization strategies.
  • AWS Glue Data Quality: Utilize AWS Glue Data Quality to define data quality checks within your transformation jobs. This ensures data integrity and helps identify data anomalies before they impact downstream analytics.


By leveraging AWS Glue and Amazon Kinesis, you can build scalable, real-time data pipelines that empower your DataOps initiatives. This collaborative approach streamlines data flow, fosters data quality, and enables faster data-driven decision-making within your organization. As your data needs evolve, the serverless nature and scalability of these services ensure your pipelines can adapt and grow seamlessly. This allows you to focus on extracting valuable insights from your data stream, ultimately leading to a competitive advantage in today’s data-driven world.

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1. Does AWS Glue require a separate Amazon Kinesis Data Streams connection?

ANS: – No, a separate connection isn’t necessary for AWS Glue streaming ETL jobs with Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.

2. What is the difference between AWS Glue and Amazon Kinesis?

ANS: – AWS Glue is a managed service for designing, developing, and running ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) jobs. It excels in handling batch data processing but can also be leveraged for streaming data pipelines through AWS Glue Streaming ETL and integrations with AWS Lambda. Amazon Kinesis is a suite of services for handling streaming data. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams specifically ingests, processes, and analyzes large data streams in real time.

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