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Fabric – Automate Administrative Tasks with Ease

Things become very lengthy when we choose any configuration management tool for managing multiple servers. Just imagine, what if we get something which allows us to start automating tasks just after installation?

While hunting for a way to automate all administrative tasks and for deployments with less efforts and time, I came across Fabric. In addition to my requirements, I got local automation, which is also one of the features of Fabric. I tried it out and its awesome! In this blog article, I will be covering the following:

 What Fabric is?

Fabric is an automation tool which allows local as well as remote automation and deployments. Basically, Fabric is a tool built on python library, used to interact with SSH and automate tasks starting from general system administration to application deployment. To take advantage of this brilliant tool to automate tasks or deploy an application, we must meet very basic requirements such as Python, setuptools, Python Paramiko SSH library, which is now-a-days shipped with the OS itself. Fabric scripts run using Fab tool which comes along with Fabric. These are basic Python scripts i.e. Fabfiles which needs to be programmed with Python. You don’t need to be an expert in Python or any other programming language. Once you start and go through some Fabric files, you will get to know its use with ease.

What are its features?

What is it best suitable for?

 What are its advantages?

What are its disadvantages?

Stay tuned to learn more about Fabric in my next blog article – Fabric – Dive into Usage.

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