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Microsoft Entra- A New Approach for Identity and Access Solutions


The virtual estates of organizations are growing, changing, and turning into boundaryless. Security-demanding situations have grown to be tons broader, and there is a want for broader solutions. Organizations want to get admission to selections to be as granular as viable and to robotically adapt primarily based totally on real-time evaluation of risk.

What is Microsoft Entra?

Microsoft Entra is a brand-new product with its circle of relatives from Microsoft that touches on identification and getting admission to capabilities — which additionally includes Azure Active Directory. The main trouble that the organization desires to address is how virtual get admission appears to be tough to plan with all the situations that can happen.


This is prompt because the sheer quantity of connections that appear among apps, devices, and humans is so great. Unfortunately, agencies additionally discover it difficult to cope with the dangers that include these connections — which holds their innovation efforts a lot.

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What are the products that come with Microsoft Entra?

The Microsoft Entra product family comes with three components:

  1. Azure Active Directory
  2. Permissions Management
  3. Verified ID


  1. Azure Active Directory

The complete suite greater or fewer centers around the Microsoft Azure AD. Naturally, this consists of the native functions that everyone loves together with conditional get entry and password-less authentication.


Azure AD is an included cloud identification solution that enables get right of entry to packages and protects identities. This consists of functions such as:

  • Secure adaptive access
  • Seamless consumer experiences
  • Unified identification management
  • Simplified Identity Governance

2. Microsoft Entra Permissions Management

Microsoft received CloudKnox Permissions Management, rebranded it as its own, and made it a part of Microsoft Entra. Permissions Management is the cloud infrastructure entitle management (CIEM) part of the suite.


This product provides complete visibility and control over permissions for any identity and any resource across Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), and Google Cloud Platform. It includes features like:

  • Detect all cloud permissions
  • Assess Permissions Risks
  • Authorization and access management
  • Continuously monitor permissions
  1. Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Imagine giving customers the capacity to manipulate their credentials. That is what Microsoft Entra Verified ID is. It is an identity verification solution that creates, troubles, and verifies decentralized identification credentials.


The special thing about this system is that digital identities are verified immediately. This leads to improved collaboration and gives users the right level of access. Features of this part include:

  • Effortless configuration and deployment
  • Creation and output verified ID
  • Verify accreditation
  • Discredit or invalidate credentials

Benefits of Microsoft Entra

For the benefits, we can effortlessly slim it down to:

  1. Minimize risks from cloud access

Through Microsoft Entra Permissions Management, you get a top-level view of the permissions for all identities, actions, and resources. The component mitigates the threat of data breaches through the precept of least privilege throughout distinct cloud platforms. In addition, a safety app called “workload identity management” allows clients to assign stable identities for any Azure AD-hosted app or service.

  1. Redistributed identity community

The Verified ID element enables companies and customers to determine what records to share and with whom. Now, the magic right here is that—these companies and customers can take it back whilst necessary (rather than the apps and services doing this). Through this, background checks also are extra dependable and quicker since customers can save and share their credentials digitally.

  1. Automatic control of critical identities

It has always been difficult for security teams to provision unusual user and guest accounts —and manually manage their access. An identity governance feature manages identity lifecycle management identities, facilitating the addition and removal of users. This feature automatically assigns and manages access rights, and monitors and tracks user access as attributes change.


Microsoft Entra embodies the vision of what modern secure access should be. Identity should be a gateway to a world of new possibilities, not a lock that restricts access, creates friction, and stifles innovation. We see a growing need for trust in a hyper-connected world. Microsoft Entra allows us to extend our identity and access solutions to serve as the trusted fabric for the entire digital ecosystem.
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1. Where can customers access Permissions Management?

ANS: – Customers can use the Permissions Management interface with a link from the Azure AD extension in the Azure portal.

2. What are the prerequisites for using Permissions Management?

ANS: – Permissions Management supports data collection from AWS, GCP, and/or Microsoft Azure. For data collection and analysis, customers are required to have an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account to use Permissions Management.

3. Does Permissions Management support hybrid environments?

ANS: – Permissions Management currently does not support hybrid environments.

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