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MOTD: Your Valuable Personal Assistant in VMware vSphere Maintenance

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Managing your VMware vSphere environment involves staying on top of routine maintenance tasks, such as host updates, hardware checks, and backups. One helpful tool in your vSphere toolbox is the Message of the Day (MOTD). This article explores configuring maintenance reminders using MOTD in your vSphere environment, ensuring you or your team never miss a critical task.


Before we begin, ensure you have the following prerequisites:

  1. Access to a VMware vCenter Server for centralized management.
  2. Basic knowledge of VMware vSphere and command-line interface (CLI).
  3. Administrative access to the vSphere environment.

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Understanding the Message of the Day (MOTD)

Message of the Day (MOTD) –  is a customizable message that appears in the console of a VMware ESXi host when you log in. It’s a useful communication tool for administrators to display important information, reminders, or maintenance schedules to all vSphere users and clients.

The benefits of MOTD for Maintenance Reminders are as follows:

  1. Visibility: MOTD provides a highly visible reminder for all administrators accessing the ESXi host console.
  2. Timely Communication: It ensures that maintenance reminders are communicated to the team effectively, even during critical tasks like host maintenance mode.

Steps to configure MOTD for Maintenance Reminders

Step 1: Log in to the vCenter Server.

MOTD: Message of the Day

Step 2: Check out your vCenter and Data Centre first.

Step 3: Go to Host and Cluster Tab and Click on vCenter. Go to the Configure Tab and Click on the Message of The Day option.

MOTD: Message of the Day

Step 4: Click on the Edit button.

MOTD: Message of the Day

Step 5: Enter the maintenance reminder in the text box to set MOTD. Click the OK button.

MOTD: Message of the Day

Step 6: To verify MOTD, log out from vCenter and log in again.

MOTD: Message of the Day

Best Practices for Maintenance Reminders with MOTD

  1. Keep it short, Consistent, and Clear. Ensure your MOTD messages are clear, concise, and consistently formatted to avoid confusion.
  2. As a part of regular updates, update the MOTD messages as maintenance schedules change to keep administrators informed.
  3. To Collaborate with other vCenter admins, Share the MOTD configuration and maintenance reminders with your team to enhance collaboration and awareness.
  4. Backup MOTD Configuration is very essential. Periodically back up your MOTD configuration to avoid data loss during ESXi host updates or reconfigurations.
  5. To adhere to Compliance and Security, strict to company policies and security requirements when displaying sensitive information in the MOTD.


Configuring maintenance reminders using the Message of the Day (MOTD) in your VMware vSphere environment is a simple yet effective way to keep your team informed about critical tasks, updates, and schedules. Following the steps outlined in this DIY guide and adhering to best practices, you can ensure that your maintenance reminders are visible, clear, and consistently communicated. Regular updates and collaboration with your team will further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your vSphere maintenance processes.

Stay organized, and never miss a maintenance task again.

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