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Best of Next ’22 In Analyse & Design: Looker


Are you interested in getting the insights of Google’s recent event Next’22?  

So, yes! You have landed on the right page. 

We will talk about all the Google product upgrades that the company just disclosed in Google cloud Next’22. 

Google is delivering a single Cloud business intelligence experience to the looker platform by improving the interaction between Google products and services. The tight alignment of the Looker with big query demonstrates its unique database architecture, which links to it and can fully utilize cloud databases, making looker plus BigQuery an ideal combo.  

To increase performance and save costs for them, these two goods also share many clients. To democratize machine learning, Google has invested in the BI (Business Intelligence) engine. They are also developing integrations with BigQuery Machine Learning, or BqML, and offering a BqML accelerator looker block.

Data Studio is now Looker Studio!

We are already aware of Google’s self-service product, Data Studio, which has over 10 million active monthly users. Google has now combined its portfolio data studio under the name looker studio to guarantee that its clients receive the best of both worlds.

When discussing Google Cloud’s BI, essential Google Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are combined with looker and data studio. 

With the help of Looker Studio, anybody can start analyzing data and produce stunning, shareable reports in just a few minutes, regardless of whether the data was modeled in a warehouse or a spreadsheet. 

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Looker Studio Pro

Google has developed Looker Studio Pro for expanding and gaining a holistic picture of its data landscape across the enterprise. 

Looker Studio’s premium edition is intended to make self-serve work for the Enterprise.  


Customers receive the following three items when they purchase Looker Studio Pro: 

  1. A new sharing architecture that makes it easier to manage material for users inside a workspace and allows users to exchange assets at scale for greater team collaboration. 
  2. A better grasp of the data lineage and more visibility into how individuals are utilizing reports and dashboards inside the business. 
  3. SLAs and support by Studio Pro via the usual GCP support channels. 

Looking for further information on the scalability and connection capabilities of Looker? 

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