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25 Sample Questions for Microsoft365 Fundamentals MS-900 Certification Exam

Organizations today need cloud professionals with skills in relevant technology domains to build technical solutions. To become such a specialist, you need to grab every opportunity available and prepare for the interview beforehand. To assist you in achieving your goals, there are courses in various emerging technologies that are custom-made for a specific role in the industry. They are known as role-based certification exams.

Microsoft offers role-based certifications which can help you to prepare for careers by training in specific skills. The role-based certifications are at different levels: fundamental level, associate level, and expert level.

If you are pursuing a career as a Microsoft 365 expert and understand the benefits of adopting cloud services, SaaS models, and implement Microsoft 365 cloud services, then this is the right place for you to start your preparation.

Test your knowledge and enhance your professional skills.

Q1. What are the three models of storage service?

Ans. The major models of Microsoft’s storage service are:

A public cloud storage service suitable for unstructured data. Hybrid cloud storage service that allows public and private cloud services for increased flexibility. A Private cloud storage service can be owned by a company or individuals for more control over data.

Q2. Explain SaaS.

Ans. Software as a service (SaaS) is a method for delivering software applications over the Internet, typically on a subscription basis. With SaaS, cloud providers can host and manage their software application and underlying infrastructure and handle any sort of maintenance, like software upgrades and security patching. Users usually connect to the application over the Internet, with a web browser on their phone, or PC.

Q3. What is IaaS?

Ans. IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a service. This is a type of cloud computing service that provides important compute, storage, and networking resources on-demand, on a pay-as-you-go basis. It is one of the four types of cloud services, along with software as a service, serverless, and platform as a service.

Q4. What is Azure AD Connect?

Ans. Azure AD Connect is a tool of Microsoft that finds its use to meet and hence accomplish the hybrid identity goals. This also allows you to provide a common identity for users for Microsoft 365, Azure, and SaaS applications integrated with Azure AD.

Q5. Mention the features of Azure AD Connect.

Ans. Azure AD Connect provides the following features:

Q6. Explain the process of eDiscovery?

Ans. Well, eDiscovery or electronic discovery is the process of identifying and delivering electronic information that finds its use as evidence in legal cases. One can make use of eDiscovery tools in Microsoft 365 in order to search for content in Exchange Online mailboxes, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365 Groups and OneDrive for Business sites, and Skype for Business conversations, and Yammer teams.

Q7. What is Azure Active Directory?

Well, the Azure Active Directory Identity Protection is a reporting and monitoring tool. When a particular risk level has been reached, we can configure risk-based policies that automatically respond to detected issues to protect the identity of the organization. Along with the Conditional Access controls provided by Azure Active Directory and EMS, these policies, can either automatically block or begin adaptive remediation actions comprising multi-factor authentication enforcement and password resets.

Q8. What does Business Voice do?

Microsoft 365 Business Voice makes it simpler for small and medium companies to turn Microsoft Teams into a powerful and flexible telephone system. It is generally a replacement for in-house phone systems and traditional telephony providers that can be complex and costly to manage.

Q9. What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is essentially the collection of tools and processes that people use to gather data, turn it into meaningful information, and thus make better decisions. In-Office 365 Enterprise, we have BI capabilities available in Excel and SharePoint Online. These services allow gathering data, visualize data, and share information with people in a company across multiple devices.

Q10. What do you know about the Microsoft 365 Defender?

Microsoft 365 Defender is a unified pre- and post-breach enterprise defense suite that coordinates detection, investigation, prevention, and response across endpoints, email, identities, and applications so as to give integrated protection against sophisticated attacks.

Q11. Explain the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Ans. The Microsoft 365 admin center comprise of two views:

Q12. Describe the concept of Windows as a Service.

Ans. Windows as a service is a fresh concept introduced with the release of Windows 10.

Q13. What are the release channels of Windows 10?

Ans. Windows 10 has the following release channels:

Q14. What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Ans. Well, Azure Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualization service that runs on the cloud.

Q15. What does MyAnalytics offer?

MyAnalytics gives insights into the two key factors in personal productivity that are how people spend their time and who they spend it with. A team can get these benefits after an administrator sets up MyAnalytics within the organization.

Q15. Mention the pillars of the Zero Trust model.

Ans. The three pillars of the Zero Trust security model are:

  1. Explicit verification of every access request.
  2. Assume a breach mentality in order to minimize potential damage to, or loss of data from, additional parts of the company.

Q16. What is Microsoft Intune?

Ans. Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service that focuses on mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). Consequently, you can control how the devices of your organization are used, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Moreover, you can configure specific policies to control applications. For instance, you can prevent sending emails to people outside your organization. Microsoft Intune also allows people in your organization to use their personal devices for school or work.

Q17. What does the term BYOD mean?

Ans. BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. It is an idea of allowing employees to use their own laptops, smartphones, tablets, or any other devices in the work environment.  So, instead of the IT department mandating specific hardware or technologies, users are free to use the platforms and gadgets that they prefer.

Q18. How does Microsoft 365 help in optimizing costs?

Ans. Microsoft 365 helps in optimizing costs in the following ways:

Q19. What does Service Level Agreement mean?

Ans. As we know that it is important for organizations to know that the services, they are using are reliable and secure. Thus, they can achieve peace of mind about the services that they use daily. So, with Microsoft 365 services, the organization benefits from guaranteed levels of service, detailed in a legal agreement known as a Service Level Agreement.

Q20. What is a private preview?

Ans. A product, or service, can be released only to a limited number of users in a private preview to test new features or functionality. The users can sign up to be members of a private preview. However, it is not made available to the general public in the preview release.

Q21. Describe the purpose of GA.

Ans. It is the release version and is fully supported when a product or service is GA. The products and services of GA have been through full development and test lifecycle so as to ensure stability and reliability. New features are added to the products and services periodically with Microsoft 365. It is useful for IT developers, and administrators, to be aware of preview features before they have their GA release.

Q22. What are sensitivity labels?

Ans. Sensitivity labels from the Microsoft Information Protection solution allow classifying and protecting data of an organization while ensuring no alteration in user productivity and their ability to collaborate.

Q23. What is the use of ADFS in Office 365?

Ans. ADFS or Active Directory Federation Services is a web service and feature in the Windows Server Operating System which enables sharing of identity information to any user, not inside an organization network. This is used mainly in Office 365 so that people who are not a part of the organization can access limited data.

Q24. What is Autodiscover service, and how it works?

Ans. The Autodiscover service in Microsoft Office 365 is an exchange feature that helps in configuring the user’s mailbox automatically. It is used for minimizing the user configuration and deployment steps by providing access to Exchange features for clients.
To make Autodiscover work without any user interaction, Microsoft has developed a method for telling Outlook to find the configuration info it needed automatically. This was accomplished by using a few DNS lookups based on a set piece of information that everyone had to put in, i.e., the email address.

Q25. What is FastTrack deployment for Office 365?

Ans. The office 365 FastTrack deployment is a service in Microsoft Office 365 that is designed for helping all the businesses investing in Office 365 and moving all of their existing data and systems to the cloud.

Final Thoughts:

In any case, you will need to tap into an exhaustive question bank to practice more before the scheduled interview.

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Feel free to drop any questions in the comment box, I would love to address them and support your career growth. I hope you enjoyed the article. Best of luck!

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