Experience Smooth Application Integration to the Cloud with Amazon API Gateway

Seamlessly integrate your applications to the cloud with Amazon API Gateway. Introduce Amazon API Gateway’s advanced features and secure infrastructure to optimize your business. Enable secure application integration through transformations, authentication, caching, and seamless integration with other AWS services.

About Amazon API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway is a managed service that simplifies API creation and management, enabling seamless communication between software components. It offers traffic management, authentication, and monitoring features while connecting with backend services and supporting various protocols. Developers can build scalable, secure APIs, handle high traffic, and monitor performance, freeing them to focus on innovation.

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Industries Utilizing Amazon API Gateway

Various industries have benefited from Amazon API Gateway implementation. Few listed as below:

Generating Logs and Metrics of Kubernetes Components (EKS Cluster) using EFK Stack

Amazon Macie is a service available in the AWS cloud that can detect sensitive information like Personal Identifiable Information (PII), Credit card numbers, account names, and credentials present within your objects in S3 buckets.

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Solve Application Integration Issues, Enable Scalable and Secure APIs

Experience streamlined API management, effortless integration, enhanced security, and boosted scalability with Amazon API Gateway.

Hassle-Free API Management

Effortlessly Build, Deploy, and Manage APIs for Maximum Application Focus.

Automated Scalability

Seamlessly Scale and Serve High Traffic with Automated API Performance.

Enhanced Security

Robust Built-in Security for Data Protection.

Powerful Insights

Track, Optimize, and Troubleshoot APIs with In-Depth Analytics and Monitoring.

Easy Integration with AWS Services

Integrate with AWS Services for Diverse Application Architectures.

Caching and Throttling

Performance and Traffic Management with Powerful Caching and Throttling Features.

Tailor-made Developer Portal

Provide a Customizable Portal for Seamless API Discovery and Consumption.

Versioning and Deployment

Manage Versions and Smoothly Deploy Updates for Uninterrupted Innovation.


Scale Your API Usage and Optimize Costs with Pay-as-You-Go Pricing

Why Choose CloudThat as a Partner

CloudThat offers a powerful and scalable solution essential for building, deploying, and managing APIs in the cloud using Amazon API Gateway. Our team of AWS experts & budget-friendly services are streamlined for optimal performance, featuring top-of-the-line security, reliability, and rapid operations. We are:

  • AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner
  • AWS Migration Competency Partner
  • AWS Data Analytics Competency Partner
  • AWS DevOps Competency Partner
  • AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner
  • AWS Public Sector Partner
  • Amazon EKS Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon DynamoDB Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon API Gateway Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon ECS Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon Public Sector Solution Provider
  • Amazon EC2 Service Delivery Partner

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