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AWS Cost Management Services: A Powerful Tool for Budgeting Costs

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Cost Management in Cloud

The organizational planning that enables a corporation to comprehend and control the costs and requirements connected with its cloud technology is known as cloud cost management (sometimes referred to as cloud cost optimization). Finding cost-effective solutions to maximize cloud usage and efficiency is particularly important.

Cloud prices become more enigmatic and challenging to monitor as cloud infrastructure gets more complicated. The “pay for what you use” business model adopted by the majority of public cloud service providers makes things more challenging: If usage is properly monitored and managed, it can lead to significant cost savings, but it’s also simple for costs to get out of hand. This is especially true if an organization’s decision-making is decentralized, allowing anyone to create instances (and incur charges) with little to no oversight. Therefore, it’s crucial for businesses to implement a cloud cost management strategy in order to maximize their infrastructure and save expenditures by using AWS Cost Management services.

Advantages of Cost Management

  1. Visibility – Without comprehensive visibility into your company’s consumption and cloud architecture, it is hard to engage in effective cloud cost management. Fortunately, this insight also helps with governance and security, in addition to many other business objectives like cloud cost control.


  1. Efficient usage – Examining expenses carefully also aids businesses in minimizing waste and maximizing the use of the resources they pay for through the use of methods like automatic scaling and load balancing.


  1. Predictability – Businesses that plan ahead for their cloud computing requirements won’t be caught off guard by a sudden pricing hike.

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AWS Cost Management Services

The AWS Cost Management console includes tools for planning and budgeting expenditures as well as strategies for pricing optimization to lower your overall AWS payment.

The Billing console and the AWS Cost Management console work together seamlessly. You may effectively manage your costs by combining the two. Both the AWS Cost Management console and the Billing console have resources that can be used to manage ongoing payments and future cost optimization.

AWS Cost Explorer

You can use the AWS Cost Explorer function to visualize your cost data for additional research. It allows you to filter graphs using a variety of different values. This covers the AWS Service, AWS Region, and Availability Zone. Other details like the custom cost allocation tag, Amazon EC2 instance type, and purchase option are also included. You can further refine your search by member account if you use consolidated billing. You can also obtain a projection of future costs based on your past cost information.

AWS Cost Explorer Reports

Cost Explorer offers pre-built reports, but you can also modify the criteria and restrictions that were used to build them. You can save the reports you create using the features offered by Cost Explorer. You can download the CSV file, bookmark them, or save them as a report. You are given a few default reports by Cost Explorer. These reports cannot be altered, but you can use them to produce your own unique reports.

The following reports are provided by Cost Explorer for you to understand your costs.


  1. Daily costs – The Daily Costs Report displays your spending over the last six months as well as your anticipated monthly spending.
  2. Monthly cost linked by account – The report entitled “Monthly costs by linked account” lists your expenses for the last six months, broken down by linked or member accounts. The top five member accounts are displayed individually, and the remaining accounts are aggregated into a single bar.
  3. Monthly cost by service – Your costs for the previous six months are displayed in the Monthly Costs by Service report, sorted by service. The top five services are displayed on their own, and the remaining services are compiled into one bar.
  4. Monthly EC2 running hours cost and usage – The amount you have spent on active Reserved Instances (RIs) is displayed in the Monthly EC2 running hours expenses and usage report.

AWS Budgets

Your AWS consumption and expenditures are tracked by AWS Budgets. AWS Budgets leverages AWS Cost Explorer’s cost visualization to display the status of your budgets. This records your AWS consumption, including your use of the AWS Free Tier, and provides projections of your anticipated expenses. Additionally, you may utilize AWS Budgets to build Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) alerts for when you go over budgeted amounts or when your anticipated costs are higher than expected.

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection

The AWS Cost Anomaly Detection function continuously monitors your costs and uses them to find out-of-the-ordinary expenditures. You have the option of receiving individual alerts in compiled reports, as well as alerts through email or an Amazon SNS topic. To investigate and discover the anomaly’s underlying cause and the element that is fueling the cost increase, AWS Cost Anomaly Detection is useful.

AWS Pricing Calculator

You can investigate AWS services and generate a cost estimate for your use cases on AWS using the AWS Pricing Calculator.

The pricing calculator is available outside of the AWS console. You can use the following link to access the AWS Pricing calculator.


Hope this blog helped you to understand how AWS Cost Management Services ensures better budgeting.

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