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Enhance your IT Manpower Goals with IT Staff Augmentation – Part 1

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Businesses worldwide are experiencing a talent shortage hampering productivity at a larger scale than imagined. With growing clientele and increasing demands from customers, the need to hire talent with cross-functional knowledge is tedious and time-consuming.

With the ongoing digital transformation and advancement in the IT sector, companies are in a perpetual war between hiring and attrition.

How do you win this war? How do you strategize talent sourcing to meet customer demand?

Here is the answer to all these pressing questions: IT Staff Augmentation

Introduction to IT Staff Augmentation

One of the most effective outsourcing techniques for hiring and managing teams is IT Staff Augmentation, called Contract Hiring. It allows companies to employ entire teams for a specific activity, with pricing defined per resource for a predefined period. The company doesn’t engage with the outsourced team individually but focuses only on the delivery.

You can bulk up your application development team by Contract Hiring with a combination of senior, junior, and architect-level resources, speed up the development process, and launch your product in the market faster.

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Scenario-Based Explanation

Consider a startup company that is now growing to become an SMB. In the initial phase of the first product launch, one team was dedicated to the application development and launch. Also, the team’s technical expertise is very restricted to the product.

With a growing business, the startup is now gaining traction and onboarding several clients demanding a certified cross-trained solutions architect and junior developers. As there are stringent timelines, the company’s hiring process can cost them to lose a client, which can take a toll on the overall business.

A simple solution here is to hire talent for Contract Engineering or Contract Hiring and speed up the project without delaying the project timelines.

CloudThat offers 360 Degree Cloud Contract Staffing Services for customers’ cloud-adoption needs who are certified on multi-cloud platforms and experienced in working with various industry domains at optimized costs.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

  • Recruit staff immediately: Whenever there is a momentary surge in projects, onboard the tech resources by more straightforward means
  • Increased flexibility: Explore the flexibility of having a Cloud expert hired for a short-term or long-term project while your team focuses on the business goals and overall growth
  • Build a strong and highly skilled team: Grow your team and fulfill the gaps wherever necessary and grow your customer base in different industry domains
  • Obtain Cross-Functional tech abilities: When a specialized architect or designer is required with considerable technical knowledge for a short-term project, IT Staff Augmentation services will come in handy.
  • Hassle-free onboarding and off-boarding: Disengage from staff induction, attrition, and training processes.
  • Reduce operational costs: The overall resource management cost is reduced as the Staff Augmentation third-party vendor takes this up.


Organizations are now obtaining a hybrid hiring approach where they can hire in-house resources and onboard contract engineering personnel for dedicated customers with higher demands. The overall risk of the hiring and firing process can affect the organization significantly. If the objectives are not met, as there is no long-term commitment, that resource can easily be replaced with new talent, thus following the standards of IT recruitment.

Boost your enterprise with a startup thought process and innovate faster with our IT Staff Augmentation or, to be precise, Cloud Staffing Services.

Stay tuned for my follow-up blog on IT Staff Augmentation Challenges and how to solve them effectively

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CloudThat is the official AWS (Amazon Web Services) Advanced Consulting Partner and Training partner and Microsoft gold partner, helping people develop knowledge on the cloud and help their businesses aim for higher goals using best-in-industry cloud computing practices and expertise. CloudThat is one of the top IT Staff Augmentation companies, a house of All-Encompassing IT Services on the Cloud offering Multi-cloud Security & Compliance, Cloud Enablement Services, Cloud-Native Application Development, OTT-Video Tech Delivery Services, Training and Development, and System Integration Services.

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