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Spotlight: Why AWS is Unparalleled for 12 Consecutive Years?


Often many experts try to answer the question, “Why is AWS better?” With a readymade answer, AWS is always a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and this feat has been repeated for 12 consecutive years. But this Blog is an attempt to explore why AWS is unparalleled for 12 consecutive years by identifying reasons beyond the fact that AWS ranks first in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

AWS offers a high-performance technological service platform that provides an all-encompassing element required by any organization and offers a wide array of services that makes them a complete solution provider for any organization, no matter how big or small. Here are the SEVEN salient reasons that elucidate “Why AWS is a Market Leader consecutively for 12 Years?

1. A Galaxy of 200+ Services from Globally Distributed Data Centres

When this Blog is getting written, AWS has a gallery of 239+ Services across various product categories that comprises Analytics, Application Integration, Block Chain, Business Applications, Cloud Financial Management, Compute, Containers, Database, Developer Tools, End User Computing, Front End Web & Mobile,  Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Management & Governance, Media Services, Migration & Transfer, Networking & Content Delivery, Quantum Technologies, Robotics, Satellite, Security, Identity & Compliance, Storage. Such an encyclopedic presence of services that offer end-to-end complete solutions makes AWS the darling of all sizes and shaped enterprises.

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2. All-Encompassing Customer base: Fast-growing Startups, Large Enterprises, and Govt Agencies (All Included)

Enterprises of all shapes and sizes have embraced AWS services. Whether it is fast-growing startups, Big Enterprises, or Government Agencies, all have embraced AWS for its rich services and features. A glimpse of renowned players from multiple domains who have adopted AWS services endorses why AWS leads the deck as a pioneer in the Public Cloud realm.

Key Adopters of AWS in Various Industries:

  1. Education: Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has embraced AWS and developed the Trial Ready Registry Framework (TRRF), a secure and cost-effective platform. TRRF enables patients, clinicians, and researchers to share information on Angelman Syndrome seamlessly.
  2. Entertainment: Warner Bros. Discovery, a leading global media company, utilized AWS Organizations to enhance their merger and acquisition process. The company achieved centralized account deployment, ensuring a secure environment for its operations.
  3. Advertising & Marketing: Canva, the renowned global visual communication platform, has leveraged Amazon Web Services to create a scalable and personalized application experience for millions of users. Doing so has significantly improved enterprise security, compliance, and global collaboration.
  4. Financial Services: HSBC WPB made a strategic decision by selecting Amazon Web Services as their cloud-first engineering and deployment platform. This choice empowered HSBC WPB to effectively address business challenges with agility, resilience, and high performance, thereby driving customer-centric innovation and setting themselves apart from competitors.
  5. Manufacturing: Sony Electronics achieved remarkable milestones on AWS, successfully migrating 15 SAP applications, upgrading their SAP Business Warehouse cloud, and adopting SAP S/4HANA, all within a tight budget and aggressive timeline.
  6. Healthcare: Greenway Health LLC revolutionized its Electronic Health Record (EHR) offerings by building a secure and scalable foundation using Amazon DocumentDB and Amazon S3. This transformation has streamlined their data solutions and enhanced overall operational efficiency.
  7. Retail & FMCG: After two decades of running their own on-premises data centers, Coca-Cola took a transformative step by migrating to Amazon Web Services in 2013. This strategic move was prompted by a surge in website traffic during their Super Bowl commercial, leading to the realization of the cloud’s potential in supporting their business needs.

3. 360 Degree Services and Features Covering Traditional Infrastructure Services to Fast Emerging Services

Interestingly, the AWS services cover every technology competitors fail to cover, from infrastructure technologies like compute, storage, and databases–to emerging technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and the Internet of Things.

Thus, AWS’s comprehensive suite of services covering traditional infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning offers enterprises the tools they need to scale, innovate, and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. Enterprises are utilizing AWS to focus on their core competencies, reduce IT overhead, and drive business growth with the power of cloud computing and advanced machine learning capabilities.

4. A Strong Partner Network called AWS Partner Network (APN)

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a global community of over 100,000 partners who help customers build, deploy, and manage their AWS solutions. Enterprises that are part of APNs enjoy a plethora of advantages. Salient ones are:

  • Access to AWS services and resources:Partners have access to the same AWS services and resources as AWS customers, including training, documentation, and support.
  • Marketing and sales support:AWS provides partners with marketing and sales support, including co-marketing opportunities, lead generation, and sales training.
  • Technical support:AWS provides partners with technical support, including access to AWS experts, training, and documentation.
  • Financial incentives: AWS offers partners financial incentives, including funding for training, marketing, and sales.
  • Recognition and visibility:AWS recognizes and promotes partners through its various programs and channels, including the AWS Partner Directory and the AWS Marketplace.

All these factors encourage more and more enterprises to join the elite group of APN networks and reap its benefits.


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5. Most Secure and Flexible Cloud Computing Environment

Whether it is a casual discussion or technical discussion, one common question erupts: “How secure is it to migrate all your organization’s workload to the cloud?” AWS services are time-tested and architected to be the most secure and flexible cloud computing environment of the present day.

The fact that their core infrastructure satisfies the security needs of defense organizations, global banks, and organizations dealing with intellectual properties and highly sensitive data is a testament to their prowess as the most secure cloud infrastructure provider.

Moreover, AWS offers a deep set of cloud security tools with more than 300 security, compliance, and governance services and features. AWS supports 143 security standards, compliance, and governance services and features.

Most importantly, 117 AWS services that deal with customer data offer the ability to encrypt that data.

6. Advantage of Geographically Distributed AWS Regions

AWS is currently operational in 31 Global Regions, and four more regions are in the “coming soon” status when this Blog is going for publishing. AWS’s approach of maintaining Regions, Availability Zones, and Data Centres is considered the most recommended approach by Gartner. The industry also recognizes AWS as having the most extensive Global Cloud Infrastructure.

AWS offers a plethora of benefits with its Geographically Distributed Regions, such as reduced latency, increased availability, compliance with regulations, improved disaster recovery, improved performance for global applications, and reduced costs.

Other key scorers for AWS are On Go Pricing, Availability of Free Tier (to test its features), Performance, Deployment Speed, and Flexibility it brings to the table, all cumulatively working in favor of AWS. So, AWS outperforms its competitors with the most extensive Global Cloud Infrastructure.

7. Presence Across Every Type of Enterprise You Name

AWS is embraced across business verticals with equanimity. Whether it is Advertising & Marketing, Aerospace & Satellite, Agriculture, Automotive, Education, Energy, Financial Services, Government Agencies, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Travel & Hospitality, and name any sector, AWS has its presence.

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