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Accurate Medical Information Extraction with Amazon Comprehend Medical


Amazon Comprehend Medical is a sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) specifically designed to extract valuable medical information from unstructured text. This powerful tool is adept at deciphering medical documents such as electronic health records (EHRs), clinical trial reports, doctor’s notes, and more, and extracting key information like medical conditions, medications, procedures, and relationships between various healthcare concepts.

Amazon Comprehend Medical leverages machine learning algorithms and a rich medical ontology to deliver highly accurate and context-aware results. Healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and researchers can benefit from this service by automating and accelerating vast medical text data analysis. This enhances the speed and efficiency of clinical decision-making and holds the potential to advance medical research and improve patient care. Amazon Comprehend Medical represents a valuable tool in healthcare, ushering in a new era of data-driven insights and improved patient outcomes.

How It Works?

Amazon Comprehend Medical uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to analyze medical text. Here are the steps of how it works:

  • Data Input: The first step involves providing the service with unstructured medical text data. This data can come from various sources, including electronic health records (EHRs), clinical notes, research articles, and other medical documents. Amazon Comprehend Medical accepts this data in plain text or documents in various formats.
  • Text Preprocessing: Before analysis, the service pre-processes the text to remove irrelevant information or artifacts. This may include removing formatting punctuation and identifying the language in which the text is written.
  • Entity Recognition: Amazon Comprehend Medical uses machine learning models trained on a wide range of medical texts to recognize and categorize medical entities within the text. These entities include medical conditions (e.g., “diabetes,” “hypertension”), medications (e.g., “aspirin,” “insulin”), procedures (e.g., “surgery,” “MRI”), test results, and more. The service identifies the context and relationships between these entities, which is crucial for accurate analysis.
  • Attribute Detection: Besides recognizing medical entities, the service detects attributes associated with those entities. For example, it identifies the dosage of a medication, the date of a procedure, or the severity of a medical condition. This additional information helps provide a more comprehensive understanding of the medical text.
  • Relationship Extraction: Amazon Comprehend Medical goes a step further by identifying relationships between medical entities. It can determine, for example, that a medication is prescribed to treat a specific medical condition or that a procedure was performed on a particular patient.
  • Data Output: The service returns the structured and enriched information extracted from the medical text. This output can be structured data or in a format that is easy to integrate with other applications and databases.
  • Customization (Optional): Amazon Comprehend Medical also allows users to create custom entity recognition and relationship detection models to suit their specific needs better. This can be particularly valuable in specialized medical domains.
  • Integration: The extracted data can be integrated into various healthcare systems, databases, or analytical tools for further processing, analysis, and decision-making.
  • Continuous Learning: The machine learning models used by Amazon Comprehend Medical are continuously updated and improved, ensuring that the service remains accurate and up-to-date with the latest medical knowledge and language usage.

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Get Started with Amazon Comprehend Medical using AWS Console

You can analyze clinical text up to 20,000 characters in the Amazon Comprehend Medical console. The results are immediately displayed for your review.

Log in to the AWS Management Console and open the Comprehend Medical console. Then, select “Real-time analysis.”

Add a sample text and click on “Analyze”



In the console, the analyzed text is color-coded to highlight different types of information:

– Orange indicates Personal Health Information (PHI).

– Red identifies Medications.

– Green represents Medical Conditions.

– Blue stands for Tests, Treatments, or Procedures (TTP).

– Purple highlights Anatomy.

– Pink is used for Time Expressions.

Below the input box, you can access the Analyzed Text pane, which provides detailed information about the text. In this pane, the Entity section displays cards for the various types of entities found in the text.


Features and Benefits

  • Precision: Leverage cutting-edge deep learning technology for highly accurate text analysis. Our models are continuously updated with new data across diverse domains to enhance precision.
  • Seamless AWS Integration: Amazon Comprehend Medical is seamlessly compatible with other AWS services, such as Amazon S3 and AWS Lambda. Store your documents in Amazon S3, analyze real-time data with Kinesis Data Firehose, or utilize Amazon Transcribe to convert patient narratives into text for analysis by Amazon Comprehend Medical. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) ensures secure control over access to Amazon Comprehend Medical operations. AWS IAM allows you to create and manage AWS users and groups, securely granting appropriate access to your developers and end users.
  • Scalability: Effortlessly identify information from multiple documents, enabling swift insights into patient health and care.
  • Cost-Effective: Pay only for the documents you analyze without minimum fees or upfront commitments.


Amazon Comprehend Medical is a powerful tool that offers sophisticated natural language processing capabilities tailored to the healthcare industry.

It can accurately extract valuable information from unstructured medical text, improving the speed and efficiency of clinical decision-making and research. Integration with other AWS services, scalability, and cost-effectiveness make it valuable for healthcare professionals, researchers, and organizations.

Drop a query if you have any questions regarding Amazon Comprehend Medical and we will get back to you quickly.

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1. What types of medical documents can Amazon Comprehend Medical analyze?

ANS: – Amazon Comprehend Medical can analyze various medical documents, including electronic health records (EHRs), clinical notes, and research articles. It is designed to work with diverse medical text sources.

2. Is my medical data safe and compliant with privacy regulations when using Amazon Comprehend Medical?

ANS: – Yes, Amazon Comprehend Medical is designed with security and privacy in mind. It can identify and protect Personal Health Information (PHI) within the text. AWS also provides tools and resources to help users maintain HIPAA compliance and protect sensitive patient data.


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