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Migrating Data from Amazon S3 to Amazon WorkDocs with Ease

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) stands out as a cornerstone for businesses seeking secure and scalable solutions in the vast landscape of cloud-based services. Among the multitude of AWS offerings, AWS WorkDocs emerges as a powerful tool for collaboration, file storage, and sharing within an organization. Leveraging the potential of Amazon WorkDocs, one can streamline workflows and enhance productivity. One significant aspect of its functionality lies in its ability to seamlessly migrate data from Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to Amazon WorkDocs, providing a structured environment for efficient data management.

The Need for Data Migration

Many organizations leverage Amazon S3 as a scalable and durable object storage service to store vast data. However, as the need for streamlined collaboration and document management grows, migrating data from Amazon S3 to Amazon WorkDocs becomes attractive.

This migration facilitates centralized document management, improves collaboration capabilities, and enhances security by leveraging Amazon WorkDocs’ enhanced access control features.

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  • AWS Account with Amazon WorkDocs setup.
  • Amazon S3 bucket with data in it.

Steps for Migrating Data from Amazon S3 to Amazon WorkDocs

Step 1: Create a folder in your Amazon WorkDocs where you want to migrate your data from Amazon S3.


Step 2: The Amazon S3 bucket should be in the same AWS account and region as Amazon WorkDocs. Upload the data in the Amazon S3 bucket, which needs to be migrated.


Step 3: In the Amazon WorkDocs console, go to Apps, and under Migrations, click on Launch.


Step 4: You will be prompted to see the tab and asked to subscribe to Amazon SNS notifications. Subscribe to it, confirm from your email, and click on continue. After that, click on the Create Migration button over the welcome page.


Step 5: Select Source type as Amazon S3 and click next. You need to create an AWS IAM policy with the sample policy given there and then create a rile for another AWS account and attach the above policy, you need to give one of the below account ID while creating role according to the region.

  • 899282061130 For the N. Virginia Region
  • 814301586344 for the Oregon Region
  • 900469912330 for the Singapore Region
  • 031131923584 for the Sydney Region
  • 178752524102 for the Tokyo Region
  • 191921258524 for the Ireland Region

Now copy the role ARN, paste it, and choose the bucket from the dropdown list from where migration will happen.


Step 6: Now choose the folder you created in Step 1 as a destination for migrating data. Click next and review the source and destination location once again, give a title to your task, schedule it by giving your desired timeframe, and click on send.


It will show a success pop-up and the task status as scheduled first, which means the migration task is created but not started. Once it is started, it will show the status as migrating, and after the completion of the migration, the status will change to Success.


Once the migration task status is successful, check your Amazon WorkDocs destination folder. You will see all the data that has been migrated in the folder.


Best Practices and Considerations

  • Data Validation: Verify the integrity and completeness of migrated data to ensure no loss or corruption during the process.
  • Incremental Migration: Consider implementing incremental migration strategies to minimize downtime and optimize data synchronization between Amazon S3 and Amazon WorkDocs.
  • Security Measures: Maintain security standards by configuring appropriate access controls, encryption, and compliance settings in Amazon WorkDocs.
  • Monitoring and Auditing: Regularly monitor the migration process, log activities and perform audits to track changes and ensure data consistency.


Amazon WorkDocs is a robust solution for centralized document management and collaboration, offering businesses a secure and scalable platform. Migrating data from Amazon S3 to WorkDocs can significantly enhance collaboration capabilities while ensuring efficient data management. Whether opting for manual methods or leveraging AWS tools for automation, careful planning and adherence to best practices are essential for a smooth and successful migration process. Unlock the power of Amazon WorkDocs and streamline your organization’s document management for improved productivity and collaboration.

Drop a query if you have any questions regarding Amazon WorkDocs and we will get back to you quickly.

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1. What considerations should I keep in mind post-migration?

ANS: – After migration, validate the integrity of the migrated data, regularly monitor Amazon WorkDocs for any discrepancies or changes, and maintain proper auditing to ensure data consistency.

2. What types of data can be migrated from Amazon S3 to Amazon WorkDocs?

ANS: – Most file types stored in Amazon S3, such as documents, images, videos, and more, can be migrated to Amazon WorkDocs. The migration process supports various file formats and maintains their integrity during transfer.

WRITTEN BY Aniket Kumar Ambasta

Aniket Kumar Ambasta works as a Research associate- TC - Infra, Security, and Migration at CloudThat. He is AWS Solutions Architect- Associate certified and has completed his Bachelor's in Computer Applications. He has good experience in Cloud technologies. Apart from professional interests, he loves exploring and learning new technologies.



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