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Step By Step Guide To Deploy ReactJS App On AWS S3


Amazon Web Services has many innovative ways of hosting static websites and one of those is AWS S3. Today, we will learn how to deploy ReactJS app on AWS S3. Before jumping into the deployment process, let us understand the basic terminologies for our beginners who are in the initial levels of learning Amazon Web Services.

What is React JS?

React JS is an open-source JavaScript library for developing interactive UI for website user interface for SPA (Single Page Application).

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Running React JS app (Getting Started)

AWS Account with Administrator access (Getting Started)

Setup AWS S3

Step 1: Open Amazon S3 Console (Console)

Step 2: Click on Create Bucket

Step 3: Enter Bucket name (Eg: deploy-react-app), uncheck all public access, check I acknowledge, and click on Create Bucket

Step 4: Select created bucket and click on the permissions tab

Step 5: Click on Edit Bucket Policy

Step 6: Click on Edit Bucket Policy and paste the following policy in policy editor and replace your bucket name and click on save changes.

Step 7: Click on the Properties tab

Step 8: Click on the edit button of Static Website hosting

Step 9: Enable static website hosting, enter index.html in Index document and Error document and click on Save changes.

Step 10: Find the website endpoint and copy it in notepad

Create React APP

Step 1: Initialize react app using “create-react-app” (Getting Started)

Step 2: Run the react app using  “npm start” and open http://localhost:3000/ on the browser.

Step 3: Generate build using “npm run build” and find build folder in the root directory 

Upload objects on S3

Step 1: Click on the Objects tab of the S3 bucket.

Step 2: Click on the Upload button

Step 3: Drag and drop all files and folder build folder to the S3 console

Step 4: Click on the Upload button on the S3 console

Step 6: Open website endpoint (Which we save in Step 10 of Setup AWS S3) in the browser

Voila! Your website is now deployed on S3.


Before launching a website, the first thing to consider is choosing the right web hosting provider. It provides the webspace to store the necessary website files, needed for the site to be viewed on the internet.

If you are keen to know more about hosting and deployment processes, comment below and I will quickly answer your queries.

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