Enhance Customer Interactions with a Real-time Recommendation Engine and Sentiment Analysis

Generate actionable insights with the strategic recommendation engine to address customer concerns, real-time sentiment analysis and optimize interaction for better service quality.


The solution is a blend of real-time sentiment analysis, a recommendation engine, feedback report generation, and real-time Call Sentimental analysis. Real-time customer call analysis integrates cutting-edge technologies, including Generative AI for transcription and near-real-time customer sentiment analysis. It aims to revolutionize customer call interactions by leveraging advanced speech-to-text capabilities through AWS AI service that rapidly transcribes live calls in near real-time.

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Industries Utilizing RTCCA

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Embrace RTCCA Solution to enhance customer experience, accelerate call agent productivity, and higher ROI.

Access instant issue resolution, elevate customer experience, faster decision-making, enhance service, boost retention, allocate resources efficiently, gain a competitive edge, leverage data insights, enhance agent performance, and ensure regulatory compliance with real-time call analysis.

Swift Issue Resolution

Businesses can promptly identify and resolve customer issues, enhancing satisfaction.

Tailored Customer Experience

Understanding real-time sentiment allows for personalized interactions, improving overall experience.

Informed Decision Making

Instant insights enable data-driven strategies, enhancing efficiency.

Proactive Service Enhancement

Trends and issues are identified early, enabling proactive improvements.

Efficient Resource Management

Identifying peak call times optimizes staffing and productivity.

Competitive Edge

Adapting quickly to customer needs fosters a competitive advantage.

Valuable Data Insights

Real-time analysis provides crucial insights into customer behaviour and market trends.

Call Agent Performance Improvement

Immediate feedback helps agents enhance communication skills and performance.

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CloudThat specializes in offering a suite of Generative AI, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning services, delivering unparalleled expertise and automation. Experience the future of customer call analysis with CloudThat’s Real-Time Customer Call Analysis solution. Harnessing advanced AI and sentiment analysis, gain instant insights, actionable reports, and superior service quality for unparalleled customer experiences. With a dedicated team of AWS specialists and cost-effective solutions, we prioritize optimal performance, boasting top-tier security, reliability, and swift operations. We are:

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RTCCA is a technology-driven process of analyzing customer calls in real time to gain immediate insights into customer behaviour, sentiments, and preferences.

RTCCA utilizes advanced technologies such as natural language processing and sentiment analysis to monitor and analyze customer conversations as they occur, providing businesses with instant feedback and actionable insights.

Yes. RTCCA is designed to integrate seamlessly with many CRM systems, allowing organizations to leverage their existing infrastructure while benefiting from advanced real-time analysis and recommendation features. This integration facilitates efficient management of customer interactions and feedback processing.

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