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A Deep Dive into Securing APIs with Amazon API Gateway

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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the foundation of contemporary software development in today’s networked digital world. However, as APIs have grown more widely used, ensuring their security is crucial. Amazon API Gateway provides strong authentication and permission techniques to protect APIs from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. We’ll discuss the specifics of utilizing Amazon API Gateway to secure APIs in this blog, with an emphasis on authorization and authentication.


Amazon API Gateway, a fully managed service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), provides a front door for applications to access data, business logic, or functionality from back-end services like AWS Lambda functions, Amazon EC2 instances, or other HTTP endpoints.

Key features include API creation and management, seamless deployment with versioning support, integration with various AWS services for building serverless architectures, flexible authorization and authentication options, built-in monitoring, and logging capabilities for tracking API usage and errors, rate limiting and throttling to prevent abuse, and customization and extensibility through mapping templates, request/response transformations, and custom authorizers such as AWS Lambda functions.

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Authentication and Authorization

Authentication verifies the identity of users or systems attempting to access an API, ensuring they are who they claim to be. On the other hand, authorization determines the permissions granted to authenticated users, dictating what actions they can perform within the API.

Choices for Verification within the Amazon API Portal

Several authentication options are available in Amazon API Gateway, which supports various use cases:

  1. Amazon Cognito Client Pools: Perfect for web and portable apps, Amazon Cognito gives client administration and confirmation functionalities.
  2. AWS IAM: AWS IAM parts are reasonable for server-to-server verification and permit secure API access for AWS administrations like AWS Lambda.
  3. AWS Lambda Authorizers: By utilizing AWS Lambda capacities, designers can control API based on certain rationales, such as cross-referencing database things or approving tokens.
  4. Amazon JWT Authorizer API Portal: The coordinates authorizer affirms JWT tokens sometime recently, allowing API to get to. It is outlined essentially for JSON.

Implementing Authorization with Amazon API Gateway

After authenticating, users need permission to perform particular tasks using the API. Amazon API Gateway provides fine-grained permission control.

  1. Resource Policies: These guidelines specify who is allowed access to the API and how. They can be fastened to Amazon API Gateway resources to manage access at the resource level.
  2. AWS Lambda Authorizers: As previously indicated, AWS Lambda authorizers let developers use Lambda functions to create unique authorization logic. Access control is granular and dynamic because of this flexibility.
  3. AWS IAM Policies: The rights provided to users or AWS IAM roles are determined by the AWS IAM policies that are associated with them. By creating AWS IAM policies, developers can restrict Amazon API Gateway methods access according to AWS IAM roles.

Tips for Using Amazon API Gateway to Secure APIs

Take into account the following recommended procedures to guarantee strong security for APIs hosted on Amazon API Gateway:

  1. Use of HTTPS: Encrypt API traffic over HTTPS to prevent eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  2. Authentication: Make all API queries subject to authentication to verify the authority of users or systems obtaining access to the APIs.
  3. Enforce Authorization: Apply fine grained authorization to limit access to API resources and actions by utilizing user roles and permissions.
  4. Tokens and API Keys: Rotate API keys and tokens frequently to lower the risk of unauthorized access due to key compromise.
  5. Monitor and Audit API Activity: To identify and investigate questionable activity or illegal access attempts, monitor API usage and audit logs.
  6. Update Security Policies: To respond to changing threats, keep up with best practices, and regularly review and update security policies.


The security of APIs is fundamental for shielding delicate information and guaranteeing the accessibility and astuteness of administrations. Amazon API Portal offers vigorous confirmation and authorization strategies to protect APIs against various issues. By coordinating confirmation and consent with Amazon API Gateway, engineers can implement exacting security measures, making it less demanding for unauthorized clients to access APIs. By leveraging its vigorous confirmation and authorization highlights and taking after the best hones, designers can guarantee the security, astuteness, and accessibility of their APIs with best practices.

Drop a query if you have any questions regarding Amazon API Gateway and we will get back to you quickly.

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1. Is using multiple authentication methods for the same API in Amazon API Gateway feasible?

ANS: – Amazon API Gateway supports several authentication methods for different API resources or stages that belong to the same API.

2. How can I use the Amazon API Gateway to implement OAuth 2.0 authentication?

ANS: – Custom AWS Lambda authorizers can implement OAuth 2.0 authentication, validate OAuth tokens and impose access control.


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