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Integrating Slack with Amazon QuickSight for Seamless Data Interaction

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Imagine a scenario: you’re in a Slack channel discussing business trends, and a question about a specific metric pops up. Wouldn’t it be convenient to instantly access relevant data from your Amazon QuickSight dashboards without leaving the conversation? Well, with AWS Chatbot and QuickSight integration, this becomes a reality.

This blog dives into leveraging Slack to interact with Amazon QuickSight seamlessly. We’ll explore how to run Amazon QuickSight API commands and ask insightful questions directly within your Slack channels, fostering a more data-driven communication environment.

Setting the Stage: AWS Chatbot and Amazon QuickSight Integration

The magic lies in AWS Chatbot, a service that allows you to interact with various AWS services, including Amazon QuickSight, through chat interfaces like Slack. Here’s how to set up the integration:

  1. Configure AWS Chatbot: Head to the AWS Chatbot console and navigate to “Configure new channel.” Provide a configuration name and select the Slack channel where you want to interact with Amazon QuickSight.
  2. Assign AWS IAM Role: To grant AWS Chatbot the necessary permissions to access Amazon QuickSight resources, and you must associate an AWS IAM role with the configuration. This role should have appropriate permissions to perform the Amazon QuickSight actions you intend to use.
  3. Test the Connection: Once the configuration is complete, test the connection by typing @aws quicksight –help in your designated Slack channel. This should display a list of available QuickSight commands.

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Running Amazon QuickSight API Commands in Slack

With the integration setup, you can correctly leverage various Amazon QuickSight APIs within your Slack channel. Here are some examples:

  • List Dashboards: Use @aws quicksight list-dashboards to get a quick overview of all your available dashboards. This keeps everyone in the loop about accessible data sources.


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  • Explore Specific Dashboards: Want to delve deeper into a particular dashboard? Commands like @aws quicksight describe-dashboard –dashboard-id <dashboard-id> provides detailed information about a specific dashboard, including its name, creation time, and associated analyses.
  • Share Embeddable Links: Quickly share insights with colleagues using @aws quicksight generate-embed-url –dashboard-id <dashboard-id>. This command generates a secure, embeddable link that can be shared in the Slack channel, allowing others to view the dashboard without leaving the platform.

These are just a few examples, and the full suite of available commands can be discovered using @aws quicksight –help.

Asking Questions in Natural Language

While commands offer a structured approach, wouldn’t it be great to ask Amazon QuickSight questions more naturally? Here’s where AWS Chatbot’s intelligence comes in. You can use natural language queries to get insights from your dashboards.


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For instance, imagine you’re discussing sales figures and want to know the top-selling product for the last quarter. Simply type a question like “Hey @aws quicksight, what was the top-selling product in the Sales dashboard for Q1?” into the Slack channel. AWS Chatbot will analyze your question, identify the relevant dashboard (“Sales dashboard”), and query the appropriate data to answer your question.

This natural language processing capability empowers users who might not be familiar with specific API commands to access valuable insights from Amazon QuickSight dashboards.

Benefits of Slack Integration for Amazon QuickSight

Integrating Amazon QuickSight with Slack offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Discussions become more data-driven with instant access to relevant Amazon QuickSight data. Team members can ask questions and share insights directly within the communication flow.
  • Improved Decision-Making: By readily accessing data visualizations and reports, users can make informed decisions faster without switching between different applications.
  • Increased User Adoption: Integrating Amazon QuickSight into the familiar environment of Slack makes it more accessible and encourages users to leverage its functionalities.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Eliminate context switching by keeping data discussions within Slack. Users can access and analyze data without leaving the platform they already use.

Security Considerations

Security is paramount when working with sensitive data. Here are some security considerations to keep in mind:

  • AWS IAM Role Permissions: Ensure the AWS IAM role associated with the AWS Chatbot configuration has the least privilege necessary to perform the intended Amazon QuickSight actions.
  • Data Sharing: Be mindful of the data you share through embeddable links. Restrict access based on user needs and leverage Amazon QuickSight security features like row-level security to control data visibility.


Slack and Amazon QuickSight integration empowers users to interact with business intelligence data directly within their communication platform. Users can gain valuable insights and foster a more data-driven collaborative environment by running API commands and asking natural language questions.

So, why not leverage this powerful integration to unlock the full potential of your Amazon QuickSight dashboards.

Drop a query if you have any questions regarding Slack, Amazon QuickSight and we will get back to you quickly.

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1. Can I ask questions about my Amazon QuickSight dashboards using natural language?

ANS: – Yes! AWS Chatbot can interpret your questions and query the relevant dashboards to provide answers.

2. What kind of questions can I ask about my dashboards?

ANS: – You can ask questions related to the data displayed in your dashboards. For example, “What was the top-selling product in Q1?”

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