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New Role-based Azure Certification & Training Tracks from Microsoft

At the recent #MSInspire, Microsoft introduced a revamp to its Azure Certification tracks. Existing Azure exams were becoming very broad in scope with the increasing number of services being added to Azure portfolio that required candidates to know all of it which becomes practically impossible at some point. For example, in my training for 70-533 exam preparation I have had participants telling me that the “syllabus is just too much” and many of these services are not a part for their job description or role, but they have to learn about it only for the exam.

Why this change?

Here is an excerpt from the post of Liberty Munson (Microsoft) at Microsoft Learning blog:

“First, we have gotten consistent feedback that our current Azure exams are too broad, covering a range of skills that very few individuals, even experts in that area, would have. At the same time, Azure’s features continue to expand and so does the work that Azure Administrators are being asked to do. So, we’re fixing that—we’re removing the stuff that is out of scope for most Azure Administrators and ensuring that certification assesses more of the skills that you actually need to be successful.

Second, we’ve been conducting research related to the value of certification and have found that people get certified not only to build or update skills on a specific technology but to distinguish themselves from other professionals, improve job opportunities, and to have more influence and impact in their current or future job role.”

What does the new certification stack look like?

Introducing Role-based Certification & Training approach. Here’s a slide from the #MSInspire 2018 that sums it up.

Azure Certifications

Broadly there will be three tracks:

  1. Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator
  2. Microsoft Certified Azure Developer
  3. Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect

The first track to see the (beta) light is the Azure Administrator track. This track is for:

There are three exams currently being offered (in beta) for this track:

So, which one’s for you?

Azure Certifications

Microsoft plans to roll out exams for other Azure tracks soon. They may also introduce this model for other Microsoft technologies.

CloudThat will be introducing Certification BootCamps for these exams soon.

Stay tuned to for more updates on these new and upcoming Certification Tracks as well as our #ExamExperiences on these newly released tracks.

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  1. Pardeep

    Aug 29, 2019


    What is the track to get mcse in azure from starting.

    • Sangram Rath

      Sep 11, 2019


      We no longer have MCSE tracks. Microsoft has moved to a role-based training certification model which was outlined in this post.

  2. MAy

    May 5, 2019


    Hi,I am looking at changing my career to an azure architect. Can you please help with the skills that is needed to achieve this please?

    • Sangram Rath

      May 12, 2019


      Hello May, apart from a fundamental understanding of Cloud Computing, knowledge and hands-on experience on Azure services around compute, network, storage, databases, identity is a must. Being able to design solutions to meet business / technical needs and see to its successful implementation is a necessary skill of an Azure Architect.

  3. Vikram

    Feb 20, 2019


    Hi Team,

    Is it Mandatory to take up Azure 300 Before Taking up Azure 301 Exam ?

    • Sangram Rath

      Mar 22, 2019


      Hello Vikram, No it is not.

  4. Martin Chekuri

    Nov 28, 2018


    Which of these would be most relevant for a presales person? I am not a technical person. I dont know how to code. But I would like to gain theoretical expertise in Azure solutions. Which of these certifications would be good for me to take?

    • Sangram Rath

      Dec 11, 2018


      Hello Martin,
      There is currently no certification categorically for sales. However there is a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course (there is no exam associated with it) you can look at.
      Also taking one of the exams only does not get you a certification, you get a badge only. To be eligible for a certificate you have to take both exams in the respective category. If you need a certificate then AZ100 + AZ101 is your option currently.

  5. Maciek

    Sep 5, 2018


    What about folks that took 70-532? How does that fit in to the new paths?

    • Sangram Rath

      Oct 7, 2018


      They can take up the AZ-202 transition exam and get the new Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate certification (currently in beta).

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