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AWS Training Essentials: A Comprehensive Overview of AWS Certification Exams


Have you ever wondered what makes powerhouse platforms like Dropbox, Facebook, WordPress, and others consistently deliver seamless and efficient services to millions of users every day? The answer lies in Cloud Computing! In a remarkably short period, Cloud Computing has become an indispensable element for organizations, leading to a surging demand for Cloud Professionals in the tech industry. Addressing this demand, Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud platform, offers prominent AWS cloud services Certifications to empower individuals in honing their Cloud Computing skills and unlocking valuable career opportunities in the Cloud domain! 

Now, the question emerges – What does AWS Certification stand for? Essentially, AWS Certification refers to the cloud services certification program offered by Amazon Web Services that validates your expertise in the cloud domain upon successfully passing a specific examination. AWS training and certifications encompass various modules, allowing you to choose the one that aligns with your preferences and requirements. Moreover, aws certification trainings are highly sought-after and favored by prominent IT entities such as Amazon, IBM, Uber, etc., when seeking qualified cloud professionals. 

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Achieving the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner designation does not mandate specific technical skills. Instead, candidates should have a minimum of six months of experience working in the AWS cloud, irrespective of their role—whether technical, managerial, financial, or sales-related. The essential knowledge prerequisites include a comprehension of IT services and their application through the AWS Cloud. Serving as a recommended pathway to specialty aws training and certifications, this certification evaluates a foundational understanding of cloud computing and AWS architecture. 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

Achieving the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional credential requires a minimum of two years of experience in designing and deploying AWS cloud architecture. Proficiency in handling complex AWS applications, familiarity with scripting languages, and experience in both Linux and Windows environments are prerequisites.

This AWS training certification validates expertise in designing and deploying scalable, highly efficient, and reliable applications on the AWS platform. 

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AWS Certified Security – Specialty

Obtaining this aws certification training necessitates a minimum of five years of experience in the IT Security domain, with at least two years focused on implementing security solutions for AWS workloads. The certification attests to a candidate’s comprehension of AWS mechanisms related to data protection and encryption, securing internet protocols, and demonstrates a practical understanding of AWS security solutions. 

AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty

To qualify for this aws training and certification, you must hold either the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification or at least one of the Associate-level certifications. Additionally, a prerequisite is a five-year background in data analytics with expertise in AWS big data tools and architecture design. This aws training certification validates proven technical and hands-on skills related to big data architecture design, the implementation of AWS tools for automation, and other relevant practices. 

AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

Similar to the AWS Certified Big Data specialty, this aws cloud training certification mandates either the possession of the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification or at least one of the Associate-level certifications, along with a five-year background in implementing network architecture and solutions. Proficiency in advanced concepts of AWS networking is also essential. To successfully pass the aws certification training exam, candidates must prepare by acquiring in-depth knowledge of advanced cloud-based solutions for optimal networking architecture and practices across all AWS tools and services. Additionally, candidates should be adept at automating networking tasks on the AWS platform. 


Preparation is key to success in any examination, and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam is no exception. Though it may require some dedication of your free time, the rewards are significant. Beyond affirming your technical skills, this certification enhances your expertise, making you a more appealing candidate for prospective employers and contributing to the long-term advancement of your career. 

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