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Why Wait? Appear for Red Hat Certification Exam Today with RHIE – Koala

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Preparing and appearing for Red Hat Certifications is a challenging task. One must prepare well for the 3 hours of rigorous practical exam and also need to take the stress of booking a Test Centre.

3 years ago, when I started my journey with Red Hat Certifications, getting a Test Centre for a preferred date was one of the biggest challenges. OpenStack was new in India and there were not many professionals inclined toward getting trained and certified in OpenStack. Hence, I struggled to get exam dates in the city of my choice.

I remember for EX310, I had registered in a few Test Centres at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kochi. Test Centres need a minimum of 5 students’ confirmation to conduct the exam. So even though I was well prepared, I had to wait for 3 months just for getting to the Test Centre to take the exam.

To overcome this limitation of giving the exam on Red Hat’s scheduled dates, we at CloudThat offer you the flexibility to book the Individual Exams with Red Hat Koala. You will take the individual exams on an individual testing station developed by Red Hat at our center. The testing station has all functionalities required to take the exam in a secured manner that is remotely monitored by a Red Hat Test Proctor.

Red Hat Individual Exam is a flexible and convenient way to accommodate busy schedules.

Now, when we have so many new Red Hat courses on wide variety of latest technologies like JBOSS, DevOps, OpenStack and upgrading to new versions of Operating System, you need not wait to book a Test Centre.

You can schedule an individual exam at your convenient time at CloudThat with few clicks. So, let go your worries of scheduling your next Red Hat exam and just focus on the preparation.


Registration Details

To register for any Red Hat exam, please get in touch with Srikant Yendapally at or Karthik Varna at
All the Best for your next Exam!

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