Offering Devops and Devsecops Consulting services to Accelerate Business Growth

Accelerate product launches with streamlined software delivery and hands-on help throughout the development and everyday operation of applications. We offer end-to-end DevSecOps consulting Service covers testing guidelines, secure coding standards, rules to avoid unsafe encryption and APIs, static or dynamic analysis instructions, and much more.

CloudThat Edge

Web-portals processing millions of images

Experience highly available, scalable and best disaster recovery mechanisms by using the best DevOps industry practices.

Reduced time to market

Leverage upon AWS-IoT based solutions to grow rapidly in IoT space with minimal time to market the products.

Support rapid deployment

Minimizes the need for overall deployment process through auto-scaled environmental activities with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline

Automate user creation

Enable organizations to automate the user profile creation process on Active Directory without human intervention by embracing the DevOps solution.

New features with zero downtime

IT solution providers can release new features with zero-downtime, high availability and low latency by availing DevOps practices.

Building Fraud detection systems

Financial organizations can prepare, build, train and deploy high-quality machine learning models for fraudulent detection with DevOps and DevSecOps practices.

Competency Badges

Client Testimonials

“Timely response, expertise in providing right solutions as per our business requirement, CloudThat team helped us during their holiday also. I thank specially for the dedication of the team.”

- John Bairapaga, Vanguard Business School

“CloudThat provided training for NSG’s IT team on advanced AWS networking options and setup. Also, implemented AWS networking set up for NSG and handover the same to internal IT. This was done in a highly professional manner;thus I will recommend CloudThat.”

- Sirajudeen Mohamed Hisham, Next Story Group

“I would highly recommend CloudThat to organizations setting up their own cloud infrastructure, especially the team headed by Lakhan Kriplani is awesome. I would like to quote one incident that shows the prowess of Team-CloudThat and Lakhan Kriplani. Our Solr Collection index in our production got corrupted and this we got to know at about 8:45 PM on a Friday. So, I called him, and he was ready to help instantly. We then worked until 4:30 AM the next morning, to get this resolved.”

- Amit Chandra, TiLA

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