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How Employee Upskilling Can Help Overcome Cloud Adoption Challenges

With 90% of organizations adopting cloud in some or other capacity, Cloud computing has evolved from being just a buzzword into an industry estimated to reach a global market value of trillion dollars by 2026. Rapid advancements in IT infrastructure services, emerging technologies, and the radical shift to remote work culture in the wake of the pandemic has contributed towards an increase in enterprise cloud adoption manifold in the last few years.

However, needless to say, cloud migration comes with its share of challenges – a significant one being the lack of skilled cloud talent. Many companies are grappling with executing their cloud adoption plan due to a shortage of technical skills. As a result, organizations have to either pull back, slow down, or completely pause their digital transformation projects.

According to Gartner, all through 2022, insufficient cloud skills will likely delay the cloud migration of 50% of enterprises by two years or more.

Today’s fast-moving business landscape calls for organizations and their people to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances and continually keep learning. As more and more enterprises leverage leading cloud and virtualization services, the demand for certified professionals in the respective platforms has reached a rocket high. A steady base of skills could no longer meet the technological needs of organizations or help professionals rise the corporate ladder.

Upskilling or Reskilling: An Imperative in the Cloud Age

Amidst the growing skill gap and increasing shortage of cloud skills, employee upskilling or reskilling is the most effective solution that can meet an organization’s demand for cloud-based talent. While many may prefer hiring new talent, however, the hiring and onboarding process can be time-consuming and expensive at the same time. Companies like Google are investing more than 40 million dollars in employee training to build cloud skills that can help implement cloud-based strategies efficiently.

It has become imperative for business leaders to encourage and invest in a well-planned employee skill development plan to meet changing job roles and project requirements and to address the radically changing technical and management concerns successfully. The key to filling the talent gap will come in the form of training, the right certifications, and mentoring. An employment-based reskilling program can help enterprises build a cloud-savvy workforce that can improve business agility and boost employee productivity and revenue growth in the long term.

In an interview with the Times of India, CloudThat Founder & CEO, Bhavesh Goswami rightly said,” A successful shift to the cloud can be defined by revamping the existing business structure, the way it functions, and how its people work. It is not just adopting new technology; it is about evolving and reskilling the workforce in terms of their skills and attitude towards the new world. Reskilling can truly turn an existing employee into a valuable company asset.”

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  1. Indira

    Jul 25, 2022


    The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for cloud adoption as more businesses transitioned to remote and hybrid work environments.

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