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Sample Questions for PL-200 Certification Exam Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate

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Hello Readers! Have you completed the Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate PL-200 Certification Exam? Review these sample questions that may appear for the certification exam.

Here goes the Quiz:

  1. You created a PowerApps canvas app 7 months ago. The app is shared with your team of 20 members. When the app was used, there was a need for incorporating some changes. You need to retain the previous version of the app and make the changes. You need to ensure that your team is also able to receive the restored version of the app. What should you do?
    a. Restore and Republish the app.
    b. The app cannot be restored as the previous version was created more than 6 months ago.
    c. Restore the app, Republish is not required.
    d. This cannot be possible as an app cannot be restored
  2. You are a Power Platform admin in your organization. You have created an app for your business unit which allows members of the team to redeem gift vouchers. When an employee chooses the gift item and applies the voucher, an approval mail is sent to his/her manager. A new business requirement needs to be fulfilled, which makes the approval mandatory only when the selected gift is priced at greater than $100. Which of the following can be the best solution?
    a. Create a plugin.
    b. Add a business rule.
    c. Add a business process flow.
    d. modify the approval flow
  3. You are making a canvas app. You want to add a button that will delete a selected record from the gallery. Where will you insert the button control?
    a. Screen.
    b. Gallery.
    c. Header.
    d. Footer.
  4. You are a Power Platform consultant. You’re making a model-driven app to manage the sales processes of your organization’s European business wing. Which of the following controls allow to edit a record without opening it?
    a. Edit form.
    b. Custom View.
    c. Quick View.
    d. Editable Grid
  5. You are a Dynamics 365 Sales Consultant. Your manager has asked for a one-stop workplace where he can get a 360-degree view of all the Sales information. You decide to construct an interactive dashboard. While composing a dashboard, which attribute indicates the field that the time frame filter applies to?
    a. Time Frame.
    b. Filter Entity.
    c. Entity View.
    d. Filter By.
  6. You are a Power platform admin. You have decided to implement a chatbot to deploy on your customer service portal. You are using the Power Virtual Agents platform to do so. Identify the correct combinations with respect to the Power virtual agent’s user interface. Choose any two correct options.
    a. Bots panel – Used to create and open existing bots across all your environments.
    b. Topics – Provides access to all prebuilt and custom entities that are available to be used by the bot.
    c. Manage – Toolset that assists in management items such as which channels your bot is deployed to, bot authentication, and skills management.
    d. Admin – Toolset that assists in management items such as which channels your bot is deployed to, bot authentication, and skills management.
    e. Manage – This lets you test your bot topics to ensure that they are performing as expected.
  7. Consider a customer’s interaction with a virtual agent. You can relate this to a conversation that you would have with another person. Which of the following can be identified as the main parts of the conversation?
    a. Conversation beginning.
    b. Discussion points or topics.
    c. Conversation ending.
    d. All the above
  8. Power Virtual Agents conversations use natural language understanding to identify a user’s intent based on what they entered into the conversation window. A key aspect of natural language understanding is to identify the entities that are being used in a user dialog. You can also create custom entities to extend the domain of entities. When a customer mistypes a word or enters a phrase that is slightly different from what is defined in the entity, which feature of the Power virtual agents can address this situation?
    a. synonyms.
    b. smart match.
    c. slot filling.
    d. match variable
  9. You are a Power platform consultant. Recently, you have identified several areas in your organization where AI Builder can be used to enhance performance. Which of the following is not a recommended way to use your AI model?
    a. As an action in a flow.
    b. As new data in your database.
    c. As a component in a power apps app.
    d. As a Logic app
  10. You are a PowerApps consultant. Recently, you have created a model-driven app for your business unit. You have used custom entities in the application. When you published the app, members of the business unit said that they are not able to see the custom entities that were created. What might be the reason?
    a. Entities are not published.
    b. Entities are not shared.
    c. Entities are not accessible because of Hierarchy settings.
    d. Entities are not added to the app designer.

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Correct Answers:

  1. b
    Explanation: Verify the version you would like to restore is not older than six months. At the current time, only app versions less than six months old can be restored.
  2. d
    Explanation: An approval flow facilitates the function of sending an approval mail to a manager. Variables can be used to modify the conditions that define when approval is to be sent.
  3. a.
    Explanation: All the controls can be added to a screen.Reference:
  4. d
    Explanation: Editable Grids are special controls for editing select fields from a view without needing to open the specific record. This feature is available out of the box but must be added to the entities in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. Editable Grids are available to use in views and as sub-grids placed on forms. You cannot create new records via the editable grid; you may only use it to update existing records. These controls use the custom control framework.
  5. d
    Explanation: To compose a custom interactive dashboard, the following attributes must be set:Filter Entity: The visual filters and global filter attributes are based on this entity.Entity View: The visual filters are based on this view.Filter By: The field that the time frame filter applies to.Time Frame: The default time frame filter value for the Filter By field.
  6. a & c
    Explanation:  The Power Virtual Agents user interface provides you with all the tools necessary to create, test, publish, and monitor the performance of your bot. When the application is loaded after the bot has been created, you will see multiple areas that can help you throughout the process of working with your bot.
  7. d
    Explanation: Conversation beginning – Each conversation is initiated by an event such as answering a phone, a face-to-face greeting, or through engagement in other formats.Discussion points or topics – The specific topics that are being communicated during the conversation such as the weather, making plans, providing live updates, asking questions, and so on.Conversation ending – The conversation is ended with an event such as ending the phone call, shaking someone’s hand, driving away, or some other action.
  8. b
    Explanation: Frequently, customers might mistype a word or enter a phrase that is slightly different from what is defined in the entity. For example, a customer might enter “softball” instead of “baseball.” Because both sports use the same type of equipment, in terms of product categories, “softball” should be considered the same as “baseball.” Smart matching lets the bot accept vague user input based on the list items that are given to the entity. In other words, the bot does not have to find an exact match. When smart matching is turned on, the bot will automatically auto-correct misspellings and expand the matching logic semantically, such as automatically matching “softball” to “baseball”.
  9. a.
    Explanation: Custom entities need to be published once they are created. Only then they will be permanent entities in the Dataverse
  10. d
    Explanation: Share To is not a valid privilege.

More sample questions are coming up, so keep checking. Please share your feedback in the below comments section.

Check out the TestPrep material here

Disclaimer: These questions are NOT appearing in the certification exam. I personally or CloudThat do not have any official tie-up with Microsoft regarding the certification or the kind of questions asked. These are my best guesses for the kind of questions to expect with Microsoft in general and with the examination.

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Feel free to drop any questions in the comment box, I would love to address them. I hope you enjoyed the article. Best of luck!

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