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A Complete Guide on Cloud Migration Services?

In this digital age, without employing cloud technologies, most companies will find it difficult to expand too quickly across all domains. The only way to not hold back your company’s growth is by deploying cloud migration solutions in order to take advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and agility aspects of cloud technologies.  


What exactly are cloud migration solutions? 

The term “cloud migration” is used to describe the procedure of transferring business data, applications, and numerous other business elements such as email services to the cloud computing environment. With the help of a team of experts, an appropriate implementation strategy, and technical know-how in place, your cloud migration solutions provider can seamlessly migrate your chosen application and business processes to the cloud. 

The solutions offered by migration consulting companies are essential because legal IT infrastructure is not only outdated, unreliable, and consumes more storage space but also inefficient and extensively hinders business growth and agility.  

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, and Amazon Web services (AWS) are among the well-known cloud platform service providers across the globe. These platforms and cloud migration solutions are suitable for both large enterprises and small businesses with stringent compliance and data protection regulatory requirements.  

The aim of the cloud platforms and migration consulting services is to help organizations expand their business and grow painlessly while paralleling working within their existing infrastructure. This also means that your business data and application can grow without impacting your business performance or customer experience.   

But, prior to migrating your existing infrastructure to the cloud, it is important to understand all the associated pros and cons of the four key cloud migration strategies viz. Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, and Rebuild, are extensively employed by most cloud migration solutions providers.  


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Steps involved in the cloud migration solutions.

The strategy employed by most well-known migration consulting usually involves several stages. The cloud migration solutions providers initiate the project with a briefing session in order to properly understand the client’s requirements. Moreover, in the initial phases of the discussion, tentative dates are assigned including the entire scope of the project.  

In the following stage, the project implementation approaches are discussed and associated risks are analyzed. Next, a detailed technical design is presented and descriptive plans are laid down including a well-descriptive dashboard in order to monitor progress. Prior to the completion stage, well-structured training documentation is provided by the migration consulting company to the client for further guidance and governance.   

Cloud migration consulting services by CloudThat. 

CloudThat offers expert migration solutions and consulting services to enterprises and emerging companies across India. The aim of the migration consulting services is to develop customized cloud strategies according to your existing technology infrastructure.  

Our migration consulting help transform your data-centric model into a cloud-first model. The cloud migration solutions are designed to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs while building futuristic enterprises on the cloud. Experts at our migration consulting team can accelerate the migration process from a few hundred to thousands of servers in a minimal time span.   

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