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Utilizing Integrated Power BI: Power BI Embedded Analytics

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Overview of Microsoft Power BI Embedded Analytics

The term “Embedded Analytics” describes the process of incorporating analytical functions into already-existing business applications so that users can get data-driven suggestions and insights without having to move between different analytics programs. All Power BI content can be integrated into your apps including paginated reports, dashboards, dashboard tiles, Power BI reports, report graphics, and the Q&A process.

Some further reasons why businesses use embedded analytics are as follows:

  • Accessibility

Users can quickly access and evaluate data without switching between applications by integrating analytics directly into already-existing systems or applications. 

  • Actionable insights:

Using embedded analytics, users may see data in the context of their work, which helps users identify the different trends and patterns that will be useful to them in informed decision-making.

  • Better decision-making:

Decision-makers can act swiftly and intelligently in case handling real-time data and insights from embedded analytics.

  • Increased efficiency

Users may conduct analysis and act using embedded analytics in the same workflow environment which will strengthen productivity and efficiency.

Embedding Power BI Report in Power BI Service

This new feature makes it very useful for non-programmers to integrate reports quickly and safely in corporate web portals. The easiest no-code method for embedding a report into any site that takes an iFrame or URL is to use a secure embed. In this technique, a viewer of the report should have the proper Power BI license. The user can interact with the report but for them not possible to edit, save, or make any changes to it.


The following steps are carried out in Power BI Service:

  1. Open a report in Power BI Service that you want to embed into the portal or website.
  2. In File Menu select </> Embed Report then select Website or portal.
  3. In the open dialog box:
    • If you want to open into the browser then the first option is to select the value under Here’s
      a link you can use to embed this content.
    • If you want to integrate this report into your website then select the second option select the
      value under HTML you can paste into a webs
  4. To open this report, either through the URL or embedded in the web portal, the user has to enter the login details of their power service account.
  5. After the user has signed in, the report opens, showing the data and allowing page navigation and filter settings. The report can only be viewed by users with view permission in Power BI Service.

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Introduction to Power BI embedded analytics playground

The Power BI embedded analytics playground makes it easy to learn, experiment, and explore Power BI embedded analytics. Hands-on coding practice can be done in the playground. Furthermore, it allows you to interact with Power BI client APIs to obtain quick results and integrate your reports. You can go to it by clicking on this link:

There are multiple sections available in this work environment, which are listed below:

Developer sandbox:

You can practice using different client APIs in this section. The sample report and your report are compatible with the APIs. To observe how code works, drag the snippets function and drop them into the report or type them straight into the code editor section.

Explore our APIs:

Explore Our APIs allow you to interact with code samples and add dashboards, reports, Q&As, and other features.

Embedded Demo

The Embedded Demo section provides the demo code that developers can use to embed Power BI elements in their apps without any setup or configuration.


  You may incorporate interactive reports and dashboards into your applications, websites, or portals with the help of embedded power BI. You can offer data-driven insights and visualizations to your users using embedded power BI, eliminating the need for them to install or log in. You can also manage the rights and access of your embedded content.


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