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Sample Questions For CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam (CLO-001)

The CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam (CLO-001) consists of 50 questions and the duration of the exam is 1 hour (additional 30 min. for regions where English is not the native language).You can learn more about the exam here.

Here are few sample questions for CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam. Detailed answers with explanations are given below.

Note: These are sample questions to guide you to prepare for the exam. These are not the exact questions asked in the certification exam.

Question 1: What type of businesses should adopt cloud computing?(Choose 3)

  1. Start-up businesses
  2. Business with critical information
  3. Govt. organizations
  4. Large businesses

Question 2: What type of cloud computing model would you be using if you need to move your network infrastructure and server to cloud?(Choose 1)

  1. SaaS
  2. XaaS
  3. IaaS
  4. PaaS

Question 3: How do you test if your application deployed on cloud is secure?(Choose 3)

  1. Ask your cloud provider to regularly test it for you
  2. Encrypt the data transmitted in and out of the cloud environment
  3. Ensure that your cloud provider has heavily guarded the cloud boundaries with routers and firewalls
  4. Check data integrity of the application regularly

Question 4: In which phase of service life-cycle would you be creating a portfolio for the services offered by your organization?(Choose 1)

  1. Service Strategy
  2. Service Delivery
  3. Continual Service Improvement
  4. Service Operations

Question 5: The organization NewCloudWorld has decided to deliver its services to the end users on cloud for better utilization of resources. However, the company has already been following the ITIL standards in their existing model. In which phase of service life-cycle will the organization do capacity planning to plan migration to cloud? (Choose 1)

  1. Service Design
  2. Service Transition
  3. Service Operations
  4. Continual Service Improvement

Question 6: The company NewCloudWorld is using the services of company InCloud service provider to deploy their applications on cloud. NewCloudWorld has seen a 40% increase in their business in less than six months. Which of the following would change for NewCloudWorld?(Choose 1)

  1. Applications will become less secure with increasing demand.
  2. NewCloudWorld will be charged more by InCloud for the increased data volume
  3. The InCloud will need to add extra firewall to protect the data
  4. NewCloudWorld will take more time to provide services to their customers

Question 7: What type of storage will you use in a private cloud?(Choose 1)

  1. In-house NAS
  2. In-house SAN
  3. In-house storage and a vendor tie-up
  4. Outsource storage to a secure location

Question 8: Which of the following statement(s) are true:(Choose 1)

  1. Cloud computing changes the capital expense to variable expense.
  2. Cloud computing changes the variable expense to capital expense.
  3. It does not matter because inflation and economic instability has incapacitated cloud computing.
  4. Cloud computing is as expensive as any other model.

Question 9: NewCloudWorld has seen a tremendous increase in their business which they were not prepared to handle. It is a small company of 30 people with everyone trained and skilled to do every job. The company is currently performing a lot of repetitive tasks manually. This takes up at least 30% of their productive time in a week. What should NewCloudWorld do to handle this situation?(Choose 1)

  1. Hire more people, there is no other way.
  2. Outsource the provisioning task to third-party.
  3. Automate tasks and use self-service to save time.
  4. Slow down the business growth to manage demand.


Answer 1: Option 1,2 and 4

Note:-Option 3: is not the most suitable answer. While moving your data to cloud, you need to verify the nature of the data. If the information is very critical from security point of view, you probably may not want to move that to cloud without due diligence.

Answer 2: Option 3

Answer 3: Option 2,3 and 4

Answer 4: Option 1

Answer 5: Option 1

Answer 6: Option 2

  • Option 2: The most appropriate answer is option 2 because the mantra of cloud computing is “pay-per-use”. So the more you use resources on cloud, the more you pay and as you start using less, you pay less.

Answer 7: Option 3

  • Your organizations may have either NAS or SAN storage. However, in cloud you need to consolidate your resources and make it usable for your organization from a holistic point of view. Hence, the most appropriate answer is option 3.

Answer 8: Option 1

  • One of the biggest advantages of using cloud computing is that you do not need a huge capital to invest in your IT infrastructure. You can pay as you use.

Answer 9: Option 3

  • The correct option is 3. You should consider automating tasks that are repetitive such as provisioning machines or creating new user accounts and so on.
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