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Driving Power BI (Business Intelligence) Adoption in your Organization


We live in the world of information explosion. Most of every business is about data. Companies are collecting increased data than ever to transform their business decisions into data-driven ones. So, a data-driven culture with business intelligence is the present and future. 

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a solution associated with business analytics that lets you analyze and visualize the data. This data can then be shared as an insight across your organization or can be a part of your app or website if you embed it. So, in simple words, Power BI can turn your business data into an impact with immediate effect. 

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Why Power BI?

Power BI is well-known for its memory and speed. Here data can be collected and analyzed quickly, integrated seamlessly with lots of existing apps on analytics, a vast range of visualizations, and personalized dashboard features with an elevated level of data security and accessibility.  

Driving Power BI adoption in your organization

To drive Power BI adoption in the organization, it becomes important to: 

  • Drive awareness about Power BI 
  • Have an understanding of its features 
  • Know the benefits of the product 
  • Enable the employees to learn to use the product 
  • Make them use it regularly by adopting the latest technology 

Successfully implementing Power BI throughout the organization requires deliberate planning. With Power BI implementation comes to some areas to work on. The areas could be BI strategy, subscriptions, licenses, trials, setting up the tenant, roles and responsibilities, the management of data, its security, and scaling. 

While migrating to Power BI, the first step involves setting up the Power BI architecture. Preliminary deployment and governance planning are handled at this point, as well as Power BI evaluations including return on investment and/or cost-benefit analysis.  

The second step would be the self-service BI authors can begin using and evaluating Power BI for their needs to understand the benefit it offers. The third step addresses the migration to BI. Lastly, it is important to have governance and security policies that are right for your organization, as well as auditing and monitoring to allow the organization to scale, grow, and continually improve with time.  

The Power BI adoption can be boosted by using the following methods: 

  • Allow the employees to work with the Power BI tools thus providing Hands-On training. 
  • Provide training to the employees specifically in a classroom-like environment.  
  • Provide the required learning materials and motivate the employees to acquire and update their knowledge on Power BI. 
  • The employees can be attracted to the world of Power BI by paying them incentives for the completion of assigned tasks. 
  • Organizing the workshops where users can build fundamental and high-level projects.  
  • Allow the employees to measure Power BI usage by the team, to collect the training attendance, to record the activities, and not limited to only these using Power BI. 



If you need to set up a platform for data visualization and analysis, then Power BI is for you. For what are you waiting??? Start working with it. 

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