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AWS re:Invent 2023 Keynote Session – Day 2

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Day 1 at AWS re: Invent 2023 was exciting, with insightful sessions and amazing releases.

Let’s check what happened on Day 2 at AWS re:Invent 2023 for many more new features and services.

About Speaker

Adam Selipsky, CEO of AWS, shares his perspective on cloud transformation. He highlights innovations in data, infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and machine learning that assist AWS customers in reaching their goals more quickly, tapping into untapped potential, and creating a better future.

Adam states, “Reinventing is in our DNA, and we continue to do it”


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New Releases!


  1. Amazon S3 Express One Zone – 10x better performance than Amazon S3 Standard, handles high request volumes with consistent single-digit millisecond latency, ideal for frequently accessed data and demanding applications.


  1. AWS Graviton4 – The most powerful and energy-efficient AWS processor, offering up to 30% better compute performance, 50% more cores, and 75% more memory bandwidth for diverse cloud workloads
  2. R8g Instances for Amazon EC2 – New R8g instances, powered by Graviton4 processors, offer superior price performance compared to existing memory-optimized options. Ideal for demanding memory-intensive tasks like big data analytics, high-performance databases, and in-memory caches.
  3. AWS Trainium2 – Trainium 2 is designed to handle neural networks with trillions of parameters essential for the algorithm’s functions, emphasizing scalability and potency. The focus on scaling up to larger parameters is central to the artificial intelligence industry.

Machine Learning

  1. Amazon Bedrock Fine Tuning – Use Amazon Bedrock to securely customize foundation models (FMs) with your data, tailoring applications to your domain and organization. Craft unique user experiences that reflect your company’s style, voice, and services. Improve model accuracy by fine-tuning with your task-specific labeled training dataset, further specializing your FMs.
  2. Amazon Bedrock Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with Knowledge Base – With a knowledge base, you can securely connect foundation models (FMs) in Amazon Bedrock to your company data for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Access to additional data helps the model generate more relevant, context-specific, and accurate responses without continuously retraining the FM. All information retrieved from knowledge bases comes with source attribution to improve transparency and minimize hallucinations.
  3. Amazon Bedrock Continued Pre-training for Amazon Titan Text Lite & Express – Amazon Bedrock provides an easy way to build and scale generative AI applications with leading foundation models (FMs). Continued pre-training in Amazon Bedrock is a new capability that allows you to train Amazon Titan Text Express and Amazon Titan Text Lite FMs and customize them using your unlabelled data in a secure and managed environment. As models are continually pre-trained on data spanning different topics, genres, and contexts, they become more robust and learn to handle out-of-domain data better by accumulating wider knowledge and adaptability, creating even more value for your organization.
  4. Agents for Amazon Bedrock – Agents for Amazon Bedrock helps you accelerate generative artificial intelligence (AI) application development by orchestrating multistep tasks. Agents use the reasoning capability of foundation models (FMs) to break down user-requested tasks into multiple steps. They use the developer-provided instruction to create an orchestration plan and then carry out the plan by invoking company APIs and accessing knowledge bases using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to provide a final response to the end user.
  5. Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock – Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock (preview) promotes safe interactions between users and your generative AI applications by implementing safeguards customized to your use cases and responsible AI policies.
  6. Amazon Q – Amazon Q is a new type of generative artificial intelligence (AI) powered assistant specifically for work and can be tailored to a customer’s business. Amazon Q brings a set of capabilities to support developers and IT professionals. Now, you can use Amazon Q to start building AWS applications, researching best practices, resolving errors, and getting assistance coding new application features.


  1. Zero-ETL Integrations with Amazon Redshift – Zero-ETL is a set of integrations that eliminates the need to build ETL data pipelines. Zero-ETL integrations with Amazon Redshift enable customers to access their data in place using federated queries or ingest it into Amazon Redshift with a fully managed solution from across their databases.
  2. Amazon DynamoDB Zero-ETL Integration with Amazon OpenSearch Service – Amazon DynamoDB zero-ETL integration with Amazon OpenSearch Service lets you perform a search on your DynamoDB data by automatically replicating and transforming it without custom code or infrastructure. This zero-ETL integration reduces the operational burden and cost of writing code for a data pipeline architecture, keeping the data in sync and updating code with frequent application changes, enabling you to focus on your application.
  3. Amazon DataZone AI recommendations – Generative artificial intelligence (AI) for Amazon DataZone will dramatically decrease the time needed to provide context for organizational data. The new feature can automate the traditionally labor-intensive process of data cataloging. Powered by the large language models (LLMs) of Amazon Bedrock, it generates detailed descriptions of data assets and their schemas and suggests analytical use cases. You can generate a comprehensive business context with a single click.


  1. Amazon Project Kuiper – Project Kuiper aims to enhance worldwide broadband accessibility by deploying a constellation of 3,236 satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO). Its objective is to deliver speedy and cost-effective broadband services to communities globally that currently lack access or are underserved.

Customer Speakers

Dario Amodei, CEO and Co-Founder, ANTHROPIC – Dario Amodei heads Anthropic, a public benefit corporation focusing on developing dependable and controllable AI systems. The company also researches the opportunities and risks of AI. Anthropic’s AI assistant, Claude, capable of tasks at any scale, is built on their research to be helpful, honest, and harmless in training AI systems.

Lidia Fonseca, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Executive Vice President, PFIZER – Lidia Fonseca oversees the overall digital, data, and technology strategy to facilitate groundbreaking advancements for patient well-being. Additionally, she manages Learning and Development and Business Process Excellence. In her previous position, Lidia served as the CIO at Quest Diagnostics, a global leader in diagnostic information services.

Stephan Durach, Senior Vice President, Connected Company Development and Technical Operations, BMW GROUP – Stephan Durach, a graduate in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Karlsruhe, joined BMW Group in Munich in 1998. Beginning his career in software processes and methods, he progressed through various departments in the electronics division. By 2008, he assumed the role of Head of the Technology Office in Palo Alto/Mountain View, USA.


In this session, the speaker discusses how the latest data, infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology make it easier for AWS customers to achieve their goals quickly. The session ends by highlighting how these innovations simplify things for customers, open up new possibilities, and contribute to making the future better. The keynote isn’t just about learning the latest in cloud technology and getting inspired to use these advanced tools for success and creativity in the digital age, along with many exciting key releases.

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