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Marching towards a productive workforce with Microsoft Viva Insights

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Modern successful businesses monitor their results, but how can the daily activities that lead to those results be measured? Collaboration is the key. Employees communicate with their managers and colleagues through networks at the workplace. Microsoft 365 data allows them to quantify this exchange of information. Data from meetings, emails, Teams calls, and messaging activity are recorded by Microsoft 365. It’s the biggest dataset on how people spend their time at work that is produced passively from regular work-related tasks. This scenario offers the right playground for Workplace analytics and Viva insights as they show us how an employee spends their time engaging in various activities, how he/she disseminates the information both within and outside the team, and provides the data on the interaction. The employee has worked in teams across geographies. Decision-makers can find chances to implement change and enhance organizational outcomes with workplace analytics, including Collaboration overload, Manager effectiveness, Sales productivity, and Employee engagement.

Viva Insights: A Bird's Eye View

Microsoft Viva Insights enables people, groups, and companies to improve business results, improve work-life balance, and develop healthier work habits. As an individual entity, employees get private insights only visible to them to find ways to modify how they operate and produce their best work. Understanding current team norms and taking action to promote engaged and high-performing teams is made simple by manager insights. Broad visibility throughout the company is provided by leader insights, which spot chances to boost productivity and produce business results.

Use insights to strike a balance between team well-being and productivity: Managers can analyze their team’s needs for more balanced, focused, and productive work by using evidence-based insights, which can do anything from warning burnout to highlighting chances for increased well-being.
However, research indicates that many employees are not questioned about their work experiences, so managers must supplement these insights about how people operate with an awareness of how they feel. Employees report that their firm asks for feedback at least once a year, but less than half (43%) agree this. Furthermore, 75% of individuals who are asked still believe it’s insufficient, and 80% of managers agree. Managers are forced to make educated guesses and operate based on assumptions in the absence of regular input. It’s now more difficult than ever for managers to stay on top of their staff because of the hybrid work model. It’s also made getting insightful comments harder. But with the appropriate ideology of the modern workplace, both are achievable. Managers can take the following actions with Viva Insights:

  • Monitor team performance with regular 1:1s
  • Reduce meetings for greater focus and less stress • Increase productivity with sustainable and flexible work
  • Adjust after-hours communication to set the tone.

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Benefits Galore with Viva Insights

Viva Insights in Teams and the same on the web provides individual insights into your Microsoft Teams workflow, such as maintaining communication, managing your time, practicing guided meditation with Headspace, and beginning a virtual commute within no time.

The Viva Insights in Outlook add-in provides personalized insights into Microsoft Outlook regarding how to be ready for meetings, find time to focus, keep up professional relationships, schedule time off, and enhance your overall work-life balance.

“Outlook briefing” shares information posted two hours after you set up your workday. You will receive an email with relevant information to help you manage your calendar. This information includes upcoming meetings, commitments or requests that need to be attended, and suggested times to focus or catch up on messages.

Viva Insights generates digest emails, which are delivered to your Outlook inbox. They can offer tips on making your work routines better and help you comprehend them better.

Notification alerts that appear in Outlook when you are writing or reading an email or sending out a meeting invitation are the Inline suggestions in Outlook. These recommendations and best practices are meant to assist, educate, and direct you in making wise choices regarding emails and meetings.

With Microsoft Viva Insights, that’s how we can aim to have a productive workforce.

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